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Across the Desk – May 2013

By Robin Noll

   THANK YOU to one and all who helped raise money for our taxes. This was the first year we were able to pay our taxes with money saved instead of borrowed. That was such a relief. It is humbly to ask for help and we truly appreciate all those who have showed such love and support this entire year. I asked  Fred, our tax accountant, if I should stop doing the magazines. At first he said, “I can’t tell you that.” Then when we were done going over everything he said, “ I wouldn’t give it up, you were a mess when you first came and you’re just beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.” Those words were what I needed to hear to keep on keeping on. I’m sure many performers and musicians can relate to the feeling of wondering if anyone does appreciate what you do. If you should just quit on your dream and pursue another career. Needless to say, the Pennsylvania Musician Magazine will continue on it’s journey. If anyone has any suggestions on how we can better serve the music community in general please email or give me a call. It’s always good to get input.

   The 2nd Fight for Our Forum was held at Gullifty’s on a storm tossed night. We were very thankful for those who braved the elements and came out to party with us. A great group of musicians gathered together with Mycenea Worley starting it off. Mycenea’s songwriting, musicianship and vocals are always astounding. It was a blowin’ and a stormin’ outside but inside was a calm, peaceful vibe going on with Mycena’s music. Next up was SOS, Rachel keeps bragging on this group and now I know why. They were solid and had great vocals. Gypsy Caravan finished off the evening and I had the privilege of hearing Gypsy Caravan at the Millennium Music Conference so I knew ahead what a treat my ears were in for. Dave Nott on guitar amazes me. It’s hard to explain the vibe that was there, all I can say is there was no pressure it was just a lot of love being generated there. That happened at the first Fight for Our Forum as well. Sometimes when you work behind the scenes you just get to feeling like does it really matter. You hear snippets of negative comments and such and then you go to something like these events and it’s like wow, that was cool and you get excited for your craft again. That’s what live music in most instances does for people. That’s why so many clubs, concerts and events are well attended. We need each other, we need to interact with each other and live music gives us a reason to get together and interact.

 Speaking of getting together and doing good for your community, there’s several benefits happening in May, most of them on the weekend of the 17th and 18th. You’ll have to take your pick at which one you want to get to. Lifting Little Lives is a ROAST  & RUN FOR LITTLE ONES, the proceeds from this event goes to help local ill and disabled children. Bands featured for this event include: Tongue ‘N’ Cheek, Sucker Punch, and Small Town Titans. If you’re into camping and live music and eating great food you can do all three at this event . You can check out the details on page 17.

    On Saturday, the 18th is the Rockin ‘N Ridin’ for Recovery. This event is for the Wounded Warrior Project and takes place at Fort Indiantown Gap Community Center. Music this evening will be provided by Kat & the Madd Dogz, Exit 22, Wired, and Bad Wrench featuring Steve Creter. Steve Creter’s name brings back memories. When Whitey and I moved to Annville back in 1972, Whitey met Steve in downtown Annville. Steve had a guitar with him and Whitey invited him up to jam. They eventually did a duo for a short time and Steve is still performing live and Praise God Whitey is still teaching and singing!

    So many clubs are providing excellent shows  throughout the state as well. You all are going to have some tough choices this month on where you want to spend your entertainment dollars. Jackyl is at Tubby’s and you best get your tickets early as they will have to close their doors once they reach capacity. Back In Black returns to Tubby’s the following night and coming soon is Molly Hatchet.

   Todd the new manager for The Ritz On Main is bringing in quality entertainment as well. They have a great couple of months coming up including their first Original Music Night on June 21st. This will include Jett Prescott an up and coming singer/songwriter who has just released his first EP. , Smashbox Symphony a great band that includes John West of Vanessa fame as well as members of the band FaceDancer, and also on the bill that night is King Friday which contains members of the band “Cracked The Sky”. More information about all the bands can be found on the Ritz On Main website

    The Battle of the Bands is going well at The Ritz On Main.  They just finished their 3rd preliminary Battle and the winners so far have beenz; Februayr -Crossfire, a tight blues rock band with a great guitarist reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughn. They played a perfect version of Peter Frampton’s “do You Feel Like We Do” complete with talk box to clench the win. March- Blackout a band of youngsters with an amazing female drummer and two great guitarists up front that played “Hot for Teacher” and “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” to unanimously win the night. April- Thing 3 from York won with an energetic set that combined audio visuals and a set list that had everyone dancing and enjoying the night.

    Dan Reed will be performing Thursday, May 23rd along with Sandy Hall and Sofia Nicole. Dan has had an interesting life and was on tour with the Rolling Stones at one time and a host of others. He managaed a record company and a highly successful night club in Portland Oregon in his journey. Dan now lives in Paris, where he has created the new label ‘ZERO ONE’ where his debut solo album will be released, as well as many other artist will be represented. With ‘Coming Up For Air’ Dan presents a group of songs that mirror his life journey and the search for that elusive deeper resonance we all hunger for at some point in our lives. With songs composed from Hong Kong to New Delhi, Jerusalem to London, he has come full circle to do what he has always done best- create and to perform to all who will listen. For more information, his life story and musical search,  including tour dates, sound clips and contact information, please visit

    It continues to astound me at how many people there are who are involved in the music industry throughout Pennsylvania. So many people promoting and hosting shows. People are writing new songs everyday and recording them at home and in studios, Posting them on you tube and continue to work on their music. Whitey has several students now who have the desire to some day perform for a living and some learning in their later years because it’s on their ‘bucket list’ to learn an instrument. We are here to give you an avenue to promote your talent. The only way for us to survive  is by your continued support with your ad dollars. It’s a win, win situation for both of us when you place an ad in the PA Musician Magazine; it helps us to keep putting out the paper and in turn we let over 12,000 plus people know that you are a professional musician. Let’s work together to make the Pennsylvania music scene thrive.

    Have a great month and remember to love one another and to treat each other as you want to be treated, it goes a long way.

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