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Across the Desk – June 2015

By Robin Noll

   Wow, what a month, what a life, what blessings everyday. I’m loving the warmth and beauty of this spring, I know we need more rain but it’s been gorgeous outside. Thank you Lord for these beautiful days. It was gorgeous on Sunday, May 24th as the music community and biker friends of Randy & Molly Robertson gathered together to raise money to help Randy out while him and Molly go on this crazy cancer journey that seems to permeate so many of our lives, including ours. But it’s moments like the Kranken for the King on Sunday that encourages one and gives us strength to carry on. And carry on we will. It was a lot of people, great food, fantastic music and the love vibe going on was awesome! Over 1700 people gathered together and not a single fight or mishap (other than we ran out of buns and the wait for the food line was a littlle long) We were trying to serve everyone as quickly as possible. Can you say, “Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger…No Coke only Pepsi!” I miss the jamming day parties. I can definitely see why there are so many musical festivals throughout the year. There’s just something being outside listening to great music and chillin’.

   Speaking of outdoor festivals the Jam Along the Creek #5 is coming up on June 11th through the 14th. Golden Gate Wingmen are the big draw but there are 10 plus more bands ready to party with you and create that loving musical atmosphere many of us crave. This event will happen at sunsational Family Campground in Millmont, PA. You can see the ad on page 2 for the details. But if you liking camping and music it might just be the perfect solution for you.

    Please take time  to look and read all the ad information as there are all kinds of great events and performances taking place. Central PA Jazz Camp is happening at Messiah College this month and Trez Music in Mechanicsburg is running several summer camps as well. Enjoy this month’s issue.

       PA Musician Magazine offices will be closed from June 5th thru June 14th as we are heading out on vacation to celebrate family and Whitey’s 74th Birthday and our 43rd Year Anniversary! 43 years, that’s a long time and I am so thankful for Whitey and his love. Have a great month and live in the Light & Love of Jesus!

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