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Across the Desk – November 2015

By: Robin Noll

So here I am on In Design. I do not know what I’m doing, but here I go. I was on the last sentence when my faithful 10.4.11. died. It hung in there and if I had just been a few clicks quicker I would have made it. Sorry some of you don’t know my computer saga. I had it all typed out on the other computer but it crashed and won’t let me turn it back on. It all started about 3 weeks ago when I has having trouble connecting to the internet. I called Leading Electronics and described my problem and he said the one board was going out and I would need to get a new computer but use the old one til it died. Well I was two strokes from being done and it died. Here I am taking a crash course on the In Design program so it will be far from perfect.

   I want to thank Chad Cowder of Center Daily Times for talking me through my first page, it’s scary but I’m getting there. Also I need to thank Amy for working with me when I thought my old mac died on Wednesday but it revived long enough to get me almost to the end and if I hadn’t been on Facebook I would have been done. I have to thank Rachel for helping me get the new IMac, that’s a whole other story, but we don’t have time for all the crazy details. I do have to thank Andrew Justice for helping to confirm the mac I was looking at. Thank you to my niece Kate Lynch and my sister Ethel who came to my rescue when we couldn’t get the new IMac to hook up to the wireless. Kate had it going about 15 minutes after she sat down in front of the computer. What would I do without people in my life who continually help me every day and help me every month get the PA Musician Magazine out to the public. So many people help get each issue out: Jim Price, Rachel Rocks, Deb Whitcomb, Jeff Kreitz Jr. (who is sadly leaving us next month, thank you for your help this past year), Eric Hoffman, Keith Hummel, who still delivers some papers for me to make sure faithful readers still can get their issue. Jeff Pittenger, Deanne Trio, Randy Wilson, Shawn Kurey, Jimi Jaymz, Imelda Redding, Meredith Kaminek who takes our awesome cover shots. The list goes on and on but I need to get this to the printer.

   This is our Anniversary Issue. We are going into our 34th year of publishing the Pennsylvania Musician Magazine. Thank you to all of our wonderful clients who have been so faithful in placing ads. It’s the ad dollars that keep us going. I should raise my rates and I might have to this year so get in while the rates are low!

   I have to thank God for helping me the most. I am thankful for His guidance and continual provision. I am thankful that he let the old computer hang in there so I didn’t have to design all my ads a new. I have a lot of them saved but I will be learning new programs so I’m looking to change up the design in the near future.

   I also have to hank my husband and my soul mate, Whitey Noll for giving me the career I was designed to have. I love you Whitey.

   Love and Hugs to one and all and hopefully by next month I’ll know what I’m doing.

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