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Cover Story – July 2016

pa july 16 decipher life cover

Decipher Life… Powerful, Intense, and Ready to ROCK!

   Are you looking for a new, heavy rock band? One that not only rocks your favorite cover songs, but is also constantly coming up with new original music too? Look no further, Decipher Life is the band for you! Decipher Life has been rockin’ area stages since 2012. They were noticed quickly and became the 717 Music Awards “Best New Artist” in 2013. They’ve been through a lot of changes in the past 4 years, but one thing for sure is they still know how to rock!

   The two founding members of the band are also brothers by blood, Michael Brownewell on vocals, and Bryon Jumper on drums. They also have Dill Johnson on bass and vocals, Brett Strawser on guitar and vocals, and their newest member that has been part of Decipher Life since October of 2015, Steve Junkins on guitar. With so many vocalists in the band you hear a lot of amazing melodies and even a few harmonies, some strange things when you think of heavy rock, but definitely something that your ears are sure to appreciate! I had the opportunity to hear and see them play at Tubby’s. Not only was their stage presence off the hook crazy, but I was shocked at how much their originals sounded like Breaking Benjamin, with also a growling hardness of Five Finger Death Punch.

   Decipher Life just released a new EP “American Numb” on April 30th. One thing about Decipher Life is no two songs are the same. Every song has it’s own rip roaring guitar riffs and catchy lyrics that keep you entertained and wanting more! Speaking of more, even with the release of their EP just two months ago, they are already playing even newer original music, one of the crowd favorites is “Cripples the Truth” that you can see and hear for yourself on YouTube. The guys all work together when they are writing new songs. It always amazes them how they can all get on the same page and get a song done so quickly. They recorded their EP at Equinox Studios with Don Belch and Scott Gross. They learned a lot from recording their first EP and they can’t wait to get back in the studio and record again! You can find their EP everywhere you can imagine online: Spotify, iTunes, etc… You can also pick up a hard copy at one of their shows.

   Their new EP has gotten quite a bit of airtime and plenty of attention throughout the local music community and beyond. On The Rock Asylum radio show DJ Fire gives you your daily dose of Decipher Life everyday at 9pm. You can find it at, or they also have a free app that makes listening to their streaming music even easier. They’ve also done other radio station interviews, the most recent was on Rock Rage Radio, based out of Cleveland, Ohio. On July 14th they are going to be on Episode 9 of Pipeline TV. They already recorded the episode and they can’t wait for it to air. (For more information on Pipeline TV, you can check out their ad in this issue.) All of this success has built them up and on June 20th they took another huge step and signed to Diminished Pitch Entertainment for promotion and management. This will hopefully help them connect with even more radio stations and provide them the opportunity to play even bigger shows and spread out to more venues regionally if not nationally. They’ve only just begun, let’s see how far they can truly go!

   Decipher Life has already had the opportunity to open for quite a few National Acts such as: Soil, Saving Abel, Super BOB, Tantric, and now on October 7th they are opening for DOPE! Decipher Life already has tickets for sale for this amazing show. They are only $15!! If you plan on going to this show, please support Decipher Life and contact them for tickets. If you need your Decipher Life fix before October, you can also catch them July 23rd at Fat Daddy’s in York with Spinebelt, August 6th at Tubby’s in Duncannon, or August 27th at the Helping Little Hands benefit in Gettysburg. They are constantly getting new shows, to find out where they will be next you can find them at or

   The last four years have already been a crazy ride for Decipher Life, but they are ready to hold on and continue to rock your faces off! They did want to make a quick mention to some of their previous band members that have gotten them this far. One man in particular, Andy Cornman, helped drive their energy over the top. He encouraged everyone, especially Brett, to get out there and have a good time with the crowd. It’s not unusual to see Brett out running around with his wireless, dancing with the fans, and at times even dancing on tables or bars, or wherever he can climb to! In no particular order they also wanted to thank: Brian Finkenbinder, Dave Sprecher, Matt Dorman, Jason Smith, and Eduardo Rodriguez. Each previous band member has helped them build and become what they are today, and for that they are very thankful! Of course they also want to thank their families and fans for the constant support and following them to all of their shows near and far. The fans are what help you keep that burning passion to keep going and entertaining the masses, they are the ones that help turn up the energy and make it one heck of a show! Last but not least they want to thank all of the venues, radio stations, etc. that have given them the opportunity to get their music out there to the masses!

   They already have a lot of dates booked throughout the rest of the year, but there are still a few open dates. Decipher Life is willing to play just about anywhere, anytime, as long as they are available: private parties, special events, campgrounds, etc… To get Decipher Life booked for your event you can give Steve Junkins a call at 717-884-5381.They plan to keep it rolling and continuing to have fun as long as they possibly can. Check out their ad in this issue for some of their upcoming dates and get out there and support a band that is ready to give you a show you won’t soon forget!


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