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Sane Advice – December 2016

By: John Kerecz

I would like to start this article by wishing everyone a very Happy Holidays!   Please make sure you spend time with loved ones over the Holiday season because, as you get older you realize time with them is more limited than you once thought.  My apologies for being on hiatus last month, I was doing a little traveling, which is what this article is about: Opportunities Abroad!

I was just in Asia and saw first-hand how much people love seeing Americans and hearing our music.  These days, using the internet and a smart phone to hook yourself up with gigs ahead of time is super easy.  Then, just book your flight and pack your guitar or other instrument of choice.  Don’t expect to get rich, but instead focus on the experience you’ll gain and the memories you’ll be making, both of which can lead to new songs down the road!  Not to mention the inspiration you might find hearing other types of music played on instruments you’ve never even seen before.  Playing originals is good, but be sure to mix in pop covers that they will know and will be happy to hear.  I am sure many of you have dreams of backpacking across the great unknown.  I encourage you to make that dream happen and include your music!   Travel is a great way to expand yourself, your music, and your fan-base.

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