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Across the Desk – April 2017

By: Robin Noll

   WOW! It has been a very hectic month. They changed my final surgeries from April to the end of March, thus why you are getting this a few days later than I wanted it out. Andrea told me not to put an issue out for April but Rachel said we HAD to put an issue out. I’m glad we did. It’s been crazy and I had my doubts but I actually feel pretty good. I do wonder what they did to my body when I was out cold with all the bruises and skin abrasions that have cropped up. I do feel better, it is like a fog has been lifted from my brain. It’s been a struggle for me personally to keep on keeping on. I have to give God the credit for keeping me  going  as I do take time to meet with Him every morning. He’s the CEO of the LN Publishing Company. I did get The Shopper’s Remedy done before surgery but my energy level just wasn’t quite there to push to get the PA Musician done. I’ll be back out on the delivery trail as well. I love my job and all the many aspects of it. I enjoy designing the ads and putting the puzzle together but then it’s nice to drive all over PA delivering the magazines.

    Tubby’s burned down last month. I think it was the 2nd weekend of March. Jim owner of Racehorse Tavern offered his club to do a benefit and Steve Junkins offered to help him line up the bands. So many wanted to give of their time and talent that there are several benefits happening. Tubby owners were insured but the money raised is for the Employees who all lost their jobs. We only have a few of them listed and there will be a few more but hopefully you can get to some of them and join in supporting this great club who hosted some amazing entertainment over the years.

    Rachel Rocks and Jim Price made a plea for advertisers for the PA Musician Magazine as well. It cost money to print the paper. Many have said why don’t you just go digital and forget about the hard copy but I’m going to hang on to the hard copy for awhile yet. We do post the entire paper on our website at and you can read it on line, we also have facebook and Rachel posts all the hotshots shot hot on facebook. So when one does advertise with us you get the hard copy (9,000 copies) plus the digital issue (averaging 6,000 views per month) and we share your events on facebook if you advertise with us. Our rates will be going up starting in May. A business card is just $40 per month, a 1/4 page is $140 and a 1/2 page will be $200. Thank you to all who joined our pages this month.

    Daisie Ghost Flower is one of our new advertisers and she has an interesting career in the music world. Daisie has opened for Rusted Root and Toad the Wet Sprocket for their East Coast tour last summer featured her original songs accompanied by the members of Rusted Root. Since then, She is currently working with Michael Glabicki, lead singer of Rusted Root who is producing her upcoming album.  They have been writing together as well as working on a couple of exciting side projects as well. Daisie Ghost Flower is a trained vocalist and is looking to perform with other musicians in the studio as well as in venues who feature live entertainment. Check out her ad in this issue.

   I do want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to my precious Rachel (a.k.a Rachel Rocks) who has worked hard to keep the PA Musician out there. Doing my deliveries and also going with me to 6 or 7 doctors appointments just in March plus working her 2 jobs plus taking care of her family. She is truly amazing. Josh and Andrea have helped out as well and some have sent money and alot of you have been praying and sending me good vibes. THANK YOU to ALL NURSES who take such good care of you in the hospitals, just wow! God Bless & Keep each one of you. I LOVE YOU WHITEY!

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