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Across the Desk – May 2017

By Robin Noll

    Another month that has gone by way too quickly. I did take time to go the Racehorse Tavern last month to the benefit for the Tubby employees it was great getting out to hear live music. For putting together a music magazine I didn’t get out that often to enjoy live music. I do get to enjoy the worship music at church though. I enjoyed my night out with Rachel Rocks, I love hanging with my girl. Kudos to all of those who run these benefits to bless the community. Thousands of dollars are raised to help those in need every year. I’m proud to be a part of these ventures. There will be another Tubby benefit at The Facktory here in Liverpool on June 3rd from 1pm to 11:30pm. This will be an All Age event and it is a BYOB with those 21 and over getting armbands. Band line up and information is on page 19.

    A benefit happening this month is at the Union House on May 6th. JJ Gunn moved to the area and with the help of the Lebanon community opened a facility for baseball fans and also a place to have live music. Problem was where it’s located is residential and they have to go through some legal mumbo jumbo to open. Meanwhile to help cost Anne at the Union House opened up her club for them to raise funds to help out. Again musicians coming together to help out the community.

    Rahway is a band from New Jersey, it’s not often that we have an out of state band on our cover but I neglected to book the cover for May and they had sent me information desiring to do some advertising so…they are on the cover and releasing their new CD in June. It pays to have your promo information ready to go.

    I also had the small back cover available as Friends of Jazz are taking a break this month so I put on facebook that it was available and Carverton gave me a call. Carverton is an American pop/rock band currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee. Carverton was founded by Kyle Yorlets and Michael Curry in the summer of 2014; realizing that their unique sound would fit better in a different setting than central Pennsylvania, the boys set off for Nashville with a couple guitars and goofy grins. With influences ranging from All Time Low to Drake, fans can expect the surprises and dorky lines to keep coming until the end! They found additional band mates and they are quickly fulfilling their dreams of becoming full time musicians. They will be performing at a few places on the way to The Firefly Fest in Dover, Deleware. Twenty One Pilots and Bob Dylan are in the line up. Sometimes you have to move away to be appreciated and to expand your horizons.

    It astounds me every month how much music is going on throughout the state, not only the clubs but the schools. I had the privilege of attending Kate’s Spring Talent show and the quality  of the music was amazing. Kate and her friend performed Pachelbel Canon in D Major, it was so beautiful and it also reminded me of her parents wedding as that was the music they used to walk down the aisle. Yes music abounds throughout PA be sure to get out and enjoy the music that soothes your soul.

   HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERT GREENE! Have a great birthday month. 

   Thank you to all our paying advertisers, you keep us going.

Love you WHITEY!!  

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