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Out and About – August 2017

By: Rachel Rocks

   It’s so hard to believe the last month of Summer vacation is already here. We truly are having an amazing Summer, and I hope you are too.

   The first band of the month is the tried and true Nate Myers Trio. They were playing right down the street at The Colonial Lounge. It was supposed to be a show out on the deck which would’ve been awesome, but Mother Nature had other ideas. Luckily it started pouring before they even set up, instead of during their first set! The inside shows are always a little awkward at The Lounge, but the guys make the most of it, and as usal it’s always a good time with The Nate Myers Trio. Nate, Pete, and Chad always smile and know how to make sure their crowd is happy. The guys have been staying busy with week night shows, early shows, all-age shows, local shows, out of state shows, etc… There really is no excuse why you can’t go see these guys at least once a month. Check out their website at to find out which show works best for your schedule and get out there and dance the night away!

   My next night out was a long one at the Blue Moose in Linglestown for the Al B. Jamboree. It was a full night of great music to help raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. It was a beautiful night, but I was glad to see the parking lot nice and full when I arrived. Summer shows are always such a gamble, but I’m glad this was well attended.

   When I walked in Sal Biondolla (Sal B) was on stage. It’s been years since Sal B and I crossed paths, and it was great to hear him play again. Sal’s music is a great mix of folk, Americana, rock and blues. A lot of original musicians don’t have a particular genre which is fine with me. My Daddy made sure I was raised to love and appreciate all genres of music. Sal B had a great stage presence and his lyrics immediately sucked you into every song.

   JR WOLF was hosting this show, so between sets they would quickly take the stage and keep the audience captivated. These guys are so good, this was a great way to keep the audience yearning for more. I’ve talked to Jason, their lead singer, a few times at the MMC, and I’m glad to say I finally caught them Out and About. Their music is a great mix of a Jam Band and Rock n’ Roll. They had moments of their songs where they really start jamming together, but quickly switch it up to crazy rock n’ roll riffs with super fast lyrics that are really worth paying attention to. Every time they were done playing it really made me want to jump up and start chanting, “One more song!” Hopefully one of these days I will catch them playing a full show.

   Next to the stage was Justin Angelo. I’ve seen him perform a few times on our acoustic stage at the MMC. His voice is smooth as silk and he is always a pleasure to hear. Justin has great original songs that are sweet and savory and very easy to listen to. Justin’s voice has a kind of Dave Matthews ring to it at times. Justin plays all over the place throughout central PA and beyond, it’s amazing all the places I’ve seen his name pop up. He is definitely one of those guys that plays every chance he gets!

   A new band to the scene, and the next to the stage, was The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Even tho the band name is new to the scene, the musicians are not. I’m not sure which one is which as far as good, bad, and ugly, but they are Chris DellaPorta, Clint Lyons, and Cody Wilt. Chris and Clint both played in Single Barrel together, and Cody has done his own solo performances throughout the area. Cody shares the lead vocal duties with Chris and he also plays the mandolin. This line up plays acoustic music, which really helps open a lot more doors as far as booking is concerned. One of the tried and true classics they covered was “Copperhead Road,” not all of their songs are so popular, but their music definitely has a special niche in the area. I’m sure you will be seeing a lot more of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, throughout central PA and beyond.

   The last band of the night was Genesis Lorraine and Her 8-Track Mind. With a 6-piece band all plugged in on Blue Moose’s tiny stage, you knew before the first note it was going to be crazy, and it was! I was told they were missing their trombone player this night, but they still put on one heck of a show. They added a lot more funk and quite a bit of rock n’ roll to the night’s line-up. With the addition of the brass and keys of course it’s going to be a crazier, fuller sound. I would love to see them in a bigger venue where you can truly appreciate every instrument and every note. The band’s dynamics amongst each other was awesome. It truly looked like just a bunch of friends jamming out and having a good time.

   Well, that was finally my last and final band from the Jamboree. JR WOLF did a magnificent job hosting the event, keeping the musicians moving and keeping the masses in the club til the end of the show. Hopefully there was some money raised towards the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

   The next night I headed out to see Steel at Double K. Oh I know, I can hear the groans, Steel again! I absolutely love these guys and their ladies and anyone who has ever read my article knows it. I truly love their music they cover and their originals they create. I heard a new song I’ve never noticed before, it was a new original and it was definitely a very catchy song. I know they play a lot of the same songs, but hey when you got a set list that your fans truly love, why change things up too drastically. Keep your fans dancing and having a good time, and that’s exactly what Steel does. All of the headbangers were out in full force til the end of the night for Steel’s final song of the night. It was a great night with plenty of amazing entertainment. Every Steel show is a guaranteed fun time for me, and hopefully it would be for your too! You can check out their ad in this issue and get out there and rock out with Steel. You won’t be disappointed!

   The following weekend I headed back to Double K for Latimore Sky. I was so glad to see these guys back on Double K’s schedule. Their style of rock n’ roll is a perfect fit for Double K. It’s been a couple of months since I saw Latimore Sky rock the stage, I was glad to see they finally found a permanent new bass player. Mike Wernsdorfer has stepped up to take over the new bass and vocal spot and he’s doing an amazing job! Finding a new perfect fit is never easy, but I’m glad they did! Latimore Sky just released their newest album “Modern Jesse James”. Congrats guys on the new release! I can’t wait to hear it! Six Bar Break helped them with mastering the album, so I’m sure it’s going to be amazing. Latimore Sky will be playing as part of Gettysburg Rocks in August and they will also be playing at The Valley Tavern in Seven Valleys, PA. You can check out all of the details of their upcoming shows in their ad in this issue and check these guys out for yourself!

   The last night out and about this month started at Hollywood Casino for Green Eggs. Their shows are few and far between these days, but they are also always a good time full of shenanigans and craziness. I’m so glad our paths finally crossed again! Hollywood shows are always a little awkward, especially with a band like Green Eggs. They are so used to being up close and personal with their fans, but Hollywood really frowns on too much crowd interaction. I’m glad to see they are at least letting Brian take off his shoes while he’s on stage… lol. I don’t know how these guys continue to put on amazing shows year after year, but they definitely do! Congrats to my future niece Amber, she was at Hollywood celebrating her Bachelorette Party. Amber and Jeffrey are getting hitched August 19th. I’m sure that will be a party to remember!

   The final stop of the night was a super quick stop at Double K to pick up their schedule for this issue. While I was there Firestorm was on stage singing some of my favorite hits, including some Journey! I was absolutely exhausted from a very long photo shoot for Youth Sports Photo, so I just couldn’t hang, but it’s always good to support live music, even if it’s only for a couple minutes. Thanks to Karen and Jim for continuing to advertise with us every month, and for continuing to support live music! I know it’s not easy, especially during the Summer months, but hopefully people will be coming back inside to warm up soon! A quick shout out to my buddy Scott, Double K’s regular Saturday night doorman, he’s been pretty sick, but hopefully he’ll be back on the mend and guarding the door again soon!!

   Well, that’s all for this month. I am starting a new job at Polaris Advisors tomorrow. I’m a little nervous about jumping in to the full-time world. I’m hoping I still have some energy to make it Out and About. If you want to learn more about investing in your Financial Future, give Polaris Advisors a call. I will also still be working as a photographer at Youth Sports Photo too, so if you’re kiddos’ sports league needs their photos taken, throw me an e-mail or give me a call and I’ll get you all lined up. No league is too big or too small. We have a whole team of photographers so we can get an entire league done in not time at all. It’s crazy that you have to have multiple jobs to make ends meet in today’s crazy world, but alas, a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do!

   If you see me Out and About please stop me and say Hi. I love meeting new people! Any questions or comments, hit me up at Support Local Music!!!!!

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