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Sane Advice – October 2017

By: John Kerecz

   Reasons why you should go to conferences is the topic for this month.  I myself love to go to conferences, time and money willing, also love to do seminars. So what can you expect when you go to a conference and what makes them great?

  1. You get exposed to new ideas and techniques. The creativity at these events is unreal. I love being around creative thinkers…it can really get your own creative juices flowing.
  2. You get to meet and network with others who are interested in the same things you are. It can be a great morale booster. Meeting like-minded people not only inspires you, but it creates an opportunity to build partnerships and joint venture opportunities.
  3. Conferences can help you regain your focus.
  4. It’s a great way to connect with old and new friends.
  5. They help you realize that everyone has struggles and many times you can find out about new ideas or systems that might work for you.
  6. Attending conferences can greatly improve your productivity.
  7. You get to meet the experts and mentors face to face. It’s good to connect through email, it is better to connect on the phone, but the best way to connect is face to face, and always will be. At the events I attend, conference speakers are usually available to chat and answer questions.
  8. You can learn current strategies that are working for others. At events people tend to loosen up and will often share their ideas, strategies and stories with you.
  9. Being around like-minded people is inspirational and refreshing. It gives you a chance to “rest and reflect” from the “common-grind” of your daily routine.

   So now get online and see what great music conferences you might be missing there are always new ones popping up, and those tried and true ones.  Get out there network and maybe learn something!

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