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Across the Desk – December 2017

By: Robin Noll

   December? How can it be December already. The last few months of the year is when we get many opportunities to gather with our loved ones and friends and it’s always good to gather together to celebrate life. I finally decided to take time to go to the Kix concert this year. Every year for the last several, John Harris along with WTPA have been bringing Kix to the Radisson in Camp Hill to start off the Holiday Season with a blast. Kix does bring the party and it is an opportunity to see so many people that I know and at least talk to on Facebook and so many clients and with the business and music lovers but I never actually get to see them so it was nice seeing so many and the music by everyone involved was fabulous, it got the cobwebs out of my head. We left before Kix was done but we slowly meandered out so we could hear one more song. They were playing a lot of the old favorites.

   After Kix we went to Chick’s in Hummelstown to hear Frayed Nott and I finally got to meet Dave and the band. That was cool. He has been advertising for awhile now. They are breaking in a new vocalist so now there will be four of them. It will give them more diversity in their repertoire. They still do the heavy rock but they wanted to mix it up. I must admit I was getting a bit sleepy and still had to drive back up to Liverpool. I also got to meet Karen and Jim, owners of the Double K. They closed early and headed to Chick’s to check out the band and Karen use to work at Chick’s before she opened her own place. It’s amazing how small the music community is and how tight knit. All working together to support each other in our various musical endeavors.

    Talking about supporting each other it’s the time of year that we want to buy gifts for our loved ones. Please support our local music stores. We have several that are ready to help you get that perfect musical gift for your favorite musician. You can also get concert tickets from SLP Concerts or various other locations. If you do go out try to go out with friends and designate a driver so everyone can be safe. It’s crazy out there and it doesn’t take much to be over the legal limit anymore.

    I’m kind of repeating what Rachel wrote. I drove to Bethlehem the other day to interview John, the owner of Guitar Villa. It was very interesting to hear about his musical career and endeavors. So often we consider those in the bands to be the music community when it is so much bigger than that. There’s music stores, promoters, school programs, teachers, instructors, fans (where would we be without the fans) Yes, there’s a lot more to the music community than what one thinks.

   One of our old writers, Steve Morrow, has a gig out in California. On Sunday, December 3rd, from 6pm till 11:30pm, six American bands from both coasts will perform at the legendary Sunset Strip nightclub the Whisky A Go Go, 8901 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s Disease. SPIDERS & SNAKES (featuring Hollywood underground icon Lizzie Grey), REBEL REBEL, MOLLY VAMP and BLACK HEROIN GALLERY – all from Los Angeles – will join the stage with MITCHELL JAMES and THE BILLTOWN ALL-STARS – who hail from Pennsylvania. This all ages show is being produced by Tim Yasui, a local Los Angeles Record Company executive and a musician who is also a long-time member of the band Spiders & Snakes and more recently, The Billtown All-Stars.

   Says Yasui “when I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s Disease and witnessed first-hand the destruction of mind and body caused by this horrible disease, I knew then and there that I wanted to make a difference. As a drummer/vocalist and recording artist myself, the answer to my prayers laid in my own two hands – literally – and since her death I’ve produced five successful concerts to raise money towards Alzheimer’s Research. That foundation and momentum gave me the confidence to bring this fund-raising concept to one of the most famous live rock venues on the planet!” They have also been busy having events in PA as well. My mother in law too had dementia and it is a terrible way to watch our loved ones pass on. Betty forgot how to swallow so she literally starved to death because she had a living will. Hopefully someday they will find a cure.

    In the hustle and bustle of life I’m striving to keep my focus on God, the older I get the more I realize that He is the only one and thing worth pursuing. This last year He has been revealing some spiritual truths to me that simply bless me beyond measure. May this Holiday season bring you to a closer relationship to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, He truly is the reason for the season and we desperately need His help and strength to get through our lives journey. He makes it so much more enjoyable. Peace, Love & Hugs to one and all and have a blessed and prosperous New Year!!! Robin

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