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Across the Desk – January 2018

By: Robin Noll

    It’s a new year, 2018 and music is happening everywhere throughout Pennsylvania and it is bitter cold right now so it’s a good month to head out and put your dancing shoes on and have some fun.

   John Harris for The John Harris Group has listed his shows for the following months and he is one busy promoter. He has shows happening at Joe K’s, Hmac, The Abbey Bar, Blarney’s, Savannah’s and now Gullifty’s Underground is reopening in February under new ownership with a new name called the Cliff Tavern. They have remodeled but they do plan on having live music at The Underground. It’s amazing how many shows are listed so be sure to check out his ad. John is also working on the 22nd Annual Millennium Music Conference and Showcase and was telling me he has been listening to some amazing artist. He is really excited about the showcases and the talent this year and he’s also excited about the new venue at the Park Inn in Mechanicsburg. There’s plenty of Free Parking and the room rate is only $89 per night and there are actually 2 big stages to be utilized in the Hotel so that will make it nice to be able to hear music  throughout the venue plus Blarney’s is located in the Park Inn. Call this month and get your rooms reserved. They go quick and it’s nice being able to stay close to all the action. Check out for the full list of venues and artist. Hopefully we will have the list available to you next month in our pages.

   Speaking of Blarney’s all the rage this past Christmas is the onesie pajamas so they have decided to have a Pajamma Jammi, Jam. Chapel Hill Country Band will be performing the Jam and you all need to come in your comfort jammies and join in the fun. Club owners and managers are constantly looking for new ways to create fun for their  clientele. Check out Blarney’s schedule, they have a whole month of great entertainment.

   Racehorse Tavern in Thomasville will be hosting their 18th Annual Y2K New Year’s Bash on the 13th. This is a party for all those who had to work on New Year’s Eve and also for those who are not done celebrating the beginning of a new year. DJ Woody will be spinning the sounds and Jim and his staff know how to throw a great party. Kirk Folk starts off the month. I remember Kirk from the earlier years of the PA Musician Magazine. He continues to keep the music flowing in his own unique way and style. Stonewood makes a return to their home stage on the 20th and I noticed Jim is giving Yakbone a chance to strutt their sounds on February 2nd. Great memories and great music is happening at the Racehorse Tavern.

   Congratulations to Eric Hoffman for writing the National column for 10 years. He has such passion and love for everything music. He is always going to a live show somewhere, not just in PA either.

    Jim Price’s fans put on a great event to honor him for writing about the western part of the state. It was great how they honored him and showed their appreciation for all that he does for the music scene. We weren’t really told much about it until the last minute but we to do appreciate Jim Price and all that he does. He wrote this month’s cover story on Dan Stonerook and while he was compiling it Dan’s stepdad, Bill Venet Sr. passed away rather suddenly so once again Jim stepped up and included a memorial  write up on Bill as well. Bill helped Dan develop his musical talents in his band Cash Through the Years.

    An event coming up in March is the Lancaster Root’s & Blues Festival. Rich Ruoff, former owner of the Chameleon in Lancaster has been putting on this event the last 4 years and this will be number 5. Rachel had the opportunity to attend last year and she said it is AMAZING. You can read all about it on page 20.

   People are always asking about Whitey and how he is doing. He is now 76 and he’s is still doing. He is now on facebook so if you would like to check in with him become his friend on Noll. You’ll have to remind him who you are as his memory isn’t what it use to be but I know he would love to hear from you.

   There is a whole lot of information in the pages of the Pennsylvania Musician Magazine please take your time and check out all the schedules and read all about the many bands that our writers have enjoyed the past few months. If you have a band or a club or a business that you want to let people know about please consider placing an ad. We are solely funded by our paid advertisers. We are not independently wealthy (as most of us aren’t) so we need ad dollars to continue to cover the music scene that we do. Every month bands approach me about covering their wonderful, talented band who have been performing for years (and I have never heard of them before) and they are quite popular in their area.That is why we started the paper is to give the music scene a place where they can promote what they are doing and let the public know who and what is happening and where it is happening at.

   Thank you for your support over the past 36 Years but to continue we need YOU! THANK YOU!

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