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Across the Desk – March 2018

By: Robin Noll

    We have been busy at the office with attending MMC 22 and still getting our publications to the printer. We thoroughly enjoyed the Millennium Music Conference and the Park Inn and Bravo 11 was a great facility to have it in. Plenty of rooms and the service and food were great. The bands that the John Harris Group presented were amazing and it is so cool to hang out with people who love music all weekend long. The hardest part of the weekend was trying to see and hear as many of the bands as possible, but now it’s done and the John Harris Group has moved on to finish the details of the Cape May Singer/Songwriter event at the end of March.

    Also coming up in March is the Lancaster Roots & Blues which is another event that Russ Ruoff has been coordinating since he ran blues events at the Chameleon when he owned that. club. Rachel Rocks & Eric Hoffman will be attending that event but this time Rachel gets to go to enjoy the show. The talent that Rich has lined up is simply amazing and Rachel went last year and she said the VIP tickets are worth every penny for they truly treat the Vip’s special and make you feel like a VIP.

   There is music happening throughout the state and there is always something to do here in wonderful PA.  Just check out the schedules on this page alone.  All the bands placing their ads in this issue are seasoned and talented musicians whose desire is to perform the music that they are passionate about and to entertain all of you who come out in support of LIVE music. THANK YOU to all of you who do come out to the live music events instead of staying home, it is truly appreciated by all those that have “the itch” to share their talents.

   An event coming up in April 13th thru the 15th is the “Artisan Guitar Show” having at the Best Western Premiere in Harrisburg. There will be Master classes on making instruments and a number of great concert events. including Livingston Taylor, Dick Boak, Will Ackerman, John Monteleone. Meet Master Guitar Makers and there will be guitar maker vendors and a whole array of events. Go to for all the details and to get your tickets.

    This issue is full of reviews of the MMC and some of the happenings. This month Rachel wrote about her experiences but Jim Price (The Professor) will share his experiences next month as time did not allow him to cover it adequately  like he likes to do. A busy busy month ahead. Be safe out there and share the LOVE. We all need kindness. I LOVE YOU WHITEY!!

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