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Across the Desk – April 2018

Editor’s Note: After 36 Years of publishing the Pennsylvania Musician Magazine I have decided that it is time to let it go to someone else who has a desire to promote and cover the great music scene throughout Pennsylvania. The last few years my heart is just not into it anymore. I am very thankful for all the energy and time many people have helped in keeping the publication going for without them it wouldn’t even be what it is today.

    I am 64, going to be 65 this year and feel it is time to let it go and focus on our local Shopper’s Remedy. It would be great if someone has the money and time and interest to keep it going. If that’s you give me a call at 717.444.2423. The Pennsylvania Musician Magazine  has a lot of potential and we have created a very good website presence that is updated monthly and a facebook that is quite popular with over 6,500 likes.

    I am very thankful for ALL the wonderful support we have had throughout the industry for 36 Years. We will do two more issues, May & June, and then I will be focusing on The Shopper’s Remedy and expanding those pages into our original ideas of serving our local community that we live in.

    If you want to get in the last issue that are sure to be “Collector’s Items” the Deadline for May will be Friday, April 20th.

    It is very hard to let something go that I have worked on so hard and so long I believe that we have made a difference for many musicians over the years and I know that we have not done the music scene and all the talented musicians throughout Pennsylvania justice in the coverage that they should have had. Pennsylvania has talent throughout the state that never gets recognized but none the less they continue to let the music inside of them flow out to bless us all. I know the music will continue to flow and may you all be acknowledged for your great talent…    Robin Noll Editor/ Owner of the PA Musician Magazine


P.S. $20,000 Buys the name, clients and Instruction how to run your own publication.

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