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Editor’s Ramblings – June 2018

By: Josh Noll

   Welcome to my first issue of the magazine its been a crazy month trying to get everything figured out and lined up so we can keep bringing it to the masses.  For people that don’t know I am the last of the Nolls to come into the office and help out the dream that Whitey started back in 1982. It wasn’t an easy decision but I couldn’t see just letting the paper slip away. Robin (aka mom/mother or ‘Angel of Design’) will still be helping out as I am pretty much computer lame. I did learn a lot this month and I hope everyone can start seeing a change in how the magazine looks. I have many goals and dreams for the paper but they will have to happen one step at a time. I’m not sure many people realize how much work goes into this thing .

   On my “off ” week this month  I plan on starting an Instagram and a  tweetter or twitter, whatever its called, one of the goals of starting these is to hopefully have one of them serve as a way for people to post pics they took at the shows they have gone and seen. People always want to show us pics but unfortunately it is impossible to share them all in print. So keep your eyes peeled to the interwebs for some new ways to enjoy the PA Musician Magazine. 

    Now lets talk about music.  June has a lot of happenings that will be hard to miss and impossible to see them all.  KIX, our first band ever on the cover is still rocking and are going to be at the new CLUB XL.  People have been asking for a club like this in the Harrisburg area for years and its here so please support it so its here for years to come. They are bringing big shows right to your backyard so don’t miss out.

   We also have BEATLEMANIA coming to The Scottish Rite Theatre check out the write up by Rachel Rocks on page 12 and if you never ventured into the theatre you will want to just see what its like. The events just keep going on and on this month there is some DAM PARTY happening that I really want to go to if I can get this DAM paper done and delivered. 

   Lastly I would like to THANK EVERYONE who shared our posts and help support us, all the advertisers who stuck with us to make this issue happen and to our new advertisers who came on board to join our team and to all the people that help the paper out; Jim Price & crew, Sterling Koch, Keith Humel, Eric Hoffman, Eric “Space”  Dengler, Jeff Pittinger, and everyone else who helps deliver. These people don’t get paid they just do it ‘cause they love music. So tell them thank you when you see them running papers around.  The biggest thanks goes to the Angel of Design Robin (mom) Noll and Rachel Rocks they both tried to hang up the towel but I wouldn’t let them and they both stepped up and began helping instantly when I told them. So see you all next month and if I cut you off when I’m out delivering sorry in advance.

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