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Out and About – June 2018

   Well here I am. I don’t know about you guys, but I had a super great retirement! I always thought I’d be one of those people that could never truly retire, I would get way too bored, well I guess I was right. I loved working for Mom, she was much more understanding of my life, but my brother is bound and determined to get the magazine out before the first, so here I am typing like a maniac, amped up on Red Bull, on the 22nd of May. If I do get this done tonight, which I better… it will be a new record! Josh has a lot of amazing ideas. It’s going to take a bit to get all of his ideas implemented, but keep an eye out for some changes along the way. He definitely is fresh blood and that is definitely what this magazine needed. We were just sort of humming thru life, but now Josh is ready to SING, STOMP, and SHOUT!!! And get Pennsylvania back to being the state we know it CAN BE.. the state that Halestorm moved to so they could be part of this amazing magazine, and this amazing scene. This state has an over abundance of musicians, but those musicians need to let people know who they are, where they are going to be, and what they are up to.. We just have to find a way to convince the general music community that FACEBOOK IS NOT THE ANSWER!!! Come back to the old school way of life, use the PA Musician Magazine as YOUR forum.. the place where musicians can read about each other, support each other, and be together. If you can’t afford a full ad yourself, be creative, get together with fellow musicians and share the cost of a larger ad and split the space up amongst each other. Are you playing at a venue that other musicians are playing at, approach the venue and see if they’ll split the cost of the ad with you, approach the other bands, etc. if you’re willing to put some money into promoting your show, maybe they will too. If we all just work together as one big family, this really can work. Trust me we aren’t out there to be millionaires.. We are just working hard to create a forum to help keep music alive in the great state of Pennsylvania!!

   My first night Out and About this month started at The Facktory in Liverpool. I’ve talked about The Facktory before, but I will say again how awesome this venue is for any private party, event, etc.. There is a great size stage with built in lighting, a huge area for dancing, a bar area for serving drinks, a basketball court, ping pong, etc.. this venue is so versatile and just waiting to be used. Check it out for yourself at

   The night I was there, was for a super special show where the main act came the whole way from Iceland to perform for us, Berndsen. You may be asking how did a band come from Iceland to Liverpool, PA?? It’s quite the cool story of a group of tourists going out for drinks and hearing an amazing band, and then decided to basically be their United States liaison or promoter.. Berndsen also has a keyboard, electronica, etc.. DJ extraordinaire that travels with him and even plays his own super unique set of music, Hermigervill. Their promoter, Al, hooked them up with a sweet little tour while they were over this time, and The Facktory was one of their stops. Josh came to the show with me, it was cool seeing his hometown friends’ reactions to him taking the reins of the magazine. Hopefully he’ll adventure Out and About with me more often. The one huge upside to all of this craziness is I’ve talked to my brother more in the past 30 days then I’ve talked to him in probably the past 3 years! Anyway, back to the band. Both acts are extremely unique and hard to describe. It’s an electronica mix of music with a singer and a guitar player, and lots of dancing! Dancing from the stage and from the crowd. I also saw Harrisburg’s very own electronica amazing musician, Jamison Rotz, at the show. Jamison took a break to be new Daddy for a few years, but he says he’ll be hitting area stages again soon, more as a singer/songwriter, even tho I’m hoping he brings the keyboard out once in a while too! If you want to see and hear something entertaining check out Berndsen and Hermigervill on YouTube. It’s so refreshing to hear and watch.

   My next night out was a crazy one because I went to see Jacob Puliti at Arooga’s on the Camp Hill bypass. He’s a new advertiser and the other crazy thing about him is that he is the SON of a musician I used to see on the stage, Matt Puliti, who played in the band SOS 10 years ago, one of the bands I first went out to see when I was Out and About.. now instead of seeing Matt on the stage, it’s Jacob. Just as the 2nd Generation is taking over the PA Musician Magazine, the 2nd Generation is also taking over the stage. I was extremely impressed with Jacob’s original music. He has his first release on Spotify and other platforms called “Dirty on the Dance Floor”. I as usual arrived in time for his 2nd set and it was cool to hear people asking him to play his originals again when he was asking for requests! I’m glad he obliged and played them again or otherwise I would’ve missed them. Jake didn’t have business cards to hand the guys as they were ready to leave, but lucky for Jake I was able to hand the guys each a magazine with Jake’s full schedule, website, booking info, etc. Just like the guys who went to Iceland and then brought a band back to the states to do a tour, you just never know who is going to be at what show, and where. It’s so important to always put on your best performance! You can check out Jacob’s ad in this issue and see where you can go check him out for yourself. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

   I ended my night with a trip to Blue Moose to see Calling Off Doug. They’ve been advertising a few months now, so I’m so glad I finally got the chance to see them perform. I was extremely impressed. Stephanie has an amazing voice and can sing an extreme range of all kinds of songs, and she also has great back-up vocals from the guys in the band, especially on “Timber” which I now sing as “TimbUH” every time it comes on the radio.. (Thanks for the lesson in the proper song lyrics! Ha!) That was an extremely crazy week for me, (what week isn’t.. lol..) but yet they still managed to get me up and dancing! They are all having a lot of fun with each other on the stage which of course transcends out to the crowd. They truly are a PARTY band playing all of your favorite songs from the 2000s to today. You can check out their schedule in this issue, and get out there and see them for yourself, but don’t forget your dancing shoes.. I’m telling you it’s contagious. If you want to bring the party back to your club get Calling Off Doug booked at your venue!

   My last night of the month was an extremely long one. It all started nice and early at the Halfway to Pay for Play benefit, hosted by the A.R.M.E.D Pennsylvania Chapter. It’s was their 5th Annual Halfway to Pay for Play benefit. This event coincides with 105.7 the X’s Pay for Play event they do where you can play to get certain songs played on the radio and all of the proceeds support the Children’s Miracle Network. They had a great day of bands lined up, I got there around 6, just in time for Six Bar Break. They’ve been supporting us for a long time now, and I try and support them every chance I get. It’s also a bonus that I happen to love their music! They announced that they are getting ready to release some new originals and I can’t wait to get my hands on their new songs. They played us a sneak peek and I was already impressed. I always appreciate how they record every show and make videos of their performances. They do everything they can to get their info out to the masses. You can check out their ad in this issue to see their schedule and plan your next night Out and About.

   Next up was Broken Fayth. I haven’t seen these guys in forever, but as usual, Chuck’s voice just blows me away! He has great vocal range, and the way he annunciates every world is truly amazing. Broken Fayth was a little nervous before their set because their one guitar player was away on vacation. They had nothing to be nervous about! They did an amazing job, if I didn’t know they regularly had two guitar players I would’ve never even noticed. The President of A.R.M.E.D. had a great time getting up on stage and helping Chuck sing a couple songs during their set. Broken Fayth has played at all 5 of the Halfway to Pay for Play shows, I know the guys are very thankful for having such a great band ready and willing to play! Planning events is never easy and all of the A.R.M.E.D. members really did a great job with the bands, the Chinese Auction and everything. It was a great event and for a great cause!

   The next band to take the stage was 40 Degrees North. I was surprised to see one of my new co-workers, Valerie take the stage, and I was even more surprised when I heard her sing! She has an amazing voice and her sister, Jessica, plays keys and sings too! Both of them combined can make amazing harmonies and they really back each other up effortlessly. 40 Degrees North is just getting out there hitting area stages, hopefully we’ll see more of them soon!

   I had to go pick Zack up at Boy Scout camp but I was hoping Fell from Zero started at Johnny Joe’s at 9:30 so I could at least squeeze in a half hour of their show, unfortunately their one guitar player, Donny, got held up at work. When I told Bob my plan he made sure and got everyone all plugged in and ready to go so they could start playing as soon as he walked in. Donny walked in at 9:50 and they were playing by 9:55. Thanks guys for hustling and making it possible for me to at least hear a song before I had to leave! I’ve seen Fell From Zero a couple of times and they are always tons of fun! I wish I had more time to hang out and listen to their whole show. They were finally playing in my neck of the woods, but when Mommy duty calls I must go!

   After I zoomed down and got Zack home safely I ran out to one more stop over at Double K for Ebenezer Screw. It’s been a long time since I made my way to Double K and an even longer time since I caught one of Ebenezer Screw’s shows. It’s always awesome seeing so many guys on the dance floor, headbanging and having a good time! Hired Sound was running the sound and lights and they looked and sounded great! Jim and Karen were behind the bar as usual, keeping the drinks cold and fresh! It was once again another fun and crazy night at Double K. After and extremely long day, it’s always a great place to end the night. I know I’m always safe at Double K and close to home!

   Welcome to all of our new and amazing advertisers!! New bands, new venues, new people to meet! I’m excited to have so many super awesome venues advertising this month. It’s exciting seeing new places supporting live music. I hope I can find some free time to check out all of the different venues! Make sure and check out every page of the magazine and see what all of our advertisers have going on. When you go out to someone’s show, or go check out one of the venues, or even go check out one of the many music stores, please let them know you saw their ad in the PA Musician Magazine!

    Thank you so much for continuing to read my article and for most importantly for continuing to support the PA Musician Magazine! Without YOU are advertisers and our readers, we would be nothing, so THANK YOU!!! If you have any questions or comments, you can email me at Please get out there and SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!!!!

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