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Editor’s Ramblings – July 2018

By: Josh Noll

    Hello and welcome back for another new edition of the PA Musician Magazine.  We are changing things up a bit this month (as you can see with the cover) in an attempt to make the paper something fresh and new again. I hope everyone likes it and I also want to throw out there that we will help promote and write about more than just your standard bands.  Even though local bands will remain our main focus, we can also help promote major events and happenings in our area to help get the word out and also make the paper more diverse with new and entertaining articles for people to read.  We are also seeking out new bands to put in the paper and I want to make it clear to everyone that we don’t just support one genre of music. The paper is here to serve all bands; beit a country band, hair band, thrash band, cover band , original band, hip hop band (hmm maybe I’m getting out of line with that one). Ok,  just to make it clear, we like all music! When working with Robin(mom) at the old office I get to listen to some great hymn music(I did make her turn it down though) even though I am more of a SLAYER/Metallica guy I have found myself listening to more old school, country-rock style music as of late. Point being the paper is your paper, we are just here to help your band have a better show or help get the word out about what you are doing.  We can’t do that if you don’t contact us. We unfortunately do not have the resources to seek out every band, so if you have been thinking of being in the paper call us, it doesn’t cost a fortune to get started.

    Onto music, June was a great month for local music. Wish I had more time to get out there, but I did have a couple exciting weekends of music. I made it to the DAM Party and it is no joke. They have a very nice setup down by the creek with tents for shade/rain protection and a huge stage setup and a great food spread, all of which was covered by a simple donation.  

   We got there just in time to see ROAD CASE play. I knew when I got out of the car and heard a Black Crowes song that I would love this band. They do a great mix of songs and are sure to be a name you will be hearing in the future. Be sure to check out one of their upcoming shows, you won’t be disappointed.

  Next was STEEL. If you have never seen STEEL then you are missing out. It’s hard not to like these guys. You will not meet another bunch of guys who are as dedicated to putting on an awesome show every time out. I have seen them years ago and I was just as impressed this time as I was then. They plain ROCK! It amazes me the song database those guys have in their brains, it’s nuts. While I would have liked to stay at the DAM party we had to roll over to ROOSTERPALOOZA. We got caught in a nasty storm on the way but that didn’t slow down all the party maniacs over at ROOSTERPALOOZA.  

   SUICIDE PUPPETS were just taking the stage as we rolled in and they put on another face melting show. I have been watching this band grow for years and they really are doing something original and coming into their own with some newer members and sounds. It looks like it’s paying off for them with some news coming out of the woodwork about them being signed with Diminished Pitch Entertainment.

   So you would think that was enough, but no, we decide RACEHORSE TAVERN is only a short jaunt away, let’s go check it out. Glad we did because we got to see two bands that were a real treat. First was RADIO BRAVO. While we didn’t get to catch the whole set, we did get to see a couple songs and these guys really get into it and have a smooth sound. Wish I could have seen more, but what we did was worth it.  Next BLUES VULTURES came on. They have a guy by the name of Ronnie Younkins in the band and although you would think he would steal the show from the rest of the band, this is not the case. The whole band is a great bunch of musicians and each one added up to make for some great music. All the ladies were up dancing for these guys. To be able to travel around and see that much music in one night is a testament to our local music scene. 

    Well, I feel as if I will be cut short due to space constrictions, so I will leave out the rest of the month and you can catch it in “Out and About” from RACHEL ROCKS. As for July, there is great stuff going on. You can catch the 38th Annual Jazz Fest  July 5-8th. We have NATE MYERS AND THE ACES doing something a little different for all you motor heads out there, aka ME. They will be performing before the Race at BAPS Motor Speedway for the Champion Oil Showdown on July 15th. There is a full line up of bands at the RACEHORSE TAVERN, PARK INN(Blarneys), and THE FREDERICKSBURG EAGLE HOTEL. So please check out the dates in this issue and get out there and support these clubs who support our local music scene. Also read the GONG show article, it’s sure to be an entertaining show for the Harrisburg area and we are excited to see what the SCOTTISH RITE THEATRE will bring the Harrisburg area next. Last and not least, check out HEAVEN AND HELL RECORDS.  I just found out about these guys and if you’re wondering where to get your old school, local, metal fix, look no further.  I will be talking to these guys so look for a future story as to what they do in an upcoming issue.  Talk to you next month Pennsylvania.

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