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Out and About – July 2018

By: Rachel Rocks

   The Summer is finally heating up. So many of my friends are posting pictures of the beach, and here I am typing my article. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! I’ve appreciated all of the love we have received in the new reign of the PA Musician Magazine. It makes typing this article so worth it. This month my brother actually came out with me to a couple shows and I was able to introduce them to a bunch of my friends, and we were able to see quite a bit of amazing music as usual.

   My month started out many moons ago on a late Friday night when I was trolling Facebook and I realized that Epoch Failure was playing at the Blue Moose. I met Epoch Failure a few years ago at the MMC and I’ve been following them ever since. They describe their genre as Urban Pop, but I love their line on their Facebook page that says, “Making good music and sending good vibes, for the good times and turning the not so good times around.” They already have over 30 film/tv/ad credits on amazing shows, like their song “Champion” was played at the end of the Superbowl, and another song “Every Day Great (Dreamers)” is on the trailer for the hit movie Wonder. I think their style was a little overwhelming for some of the regulars at Blue Moose, but then the other half really seemed to enjoy and appreciated hearing something different and fresh! I know I personally loved having them there, especially on a Friday.

   For Memorial Day I went to my friend Rex’s private party. Every year Rex throws an amazing bash with super awesome musicians. This year he had an amazing local musician, Mycenea Worley. I was excited to get there in time to hear the end of her set. Mycenea’s voice is so unique and powerful. I love hearing sing her original songs. She’s such a great songwriter. After that Angie Keilhauer took the stage, she just got off a red eye flight from her tour, but she still looked bright eyed and sang beatutifully. Angie is an amazing, young musician that used to tour on Carnival Cruise Lines, and if you’ve ever been to Disney in the last year and watched the show at night that lights up on the castle, you’ve heard her sing before, because she’s the voice behind the show!! Super impressive! The last duo of the night were two amazing songwriters and performers from Nashville, Frank Myers and Aaron Barker. Both musicians have numerous #1 Hits. Not only did they perform their big hits, but they also told the stories behind the music. It’s definitely an amazing opportunity. I’m so grateful for Rex and Deanna for providing us with such an amazing opportunity to hear such amazing artists right in their own backyard!

   My next adventure was a Thursday night show over at Spring Gate, right behind my house, for Six Bar Break. Spring Gate hosts a lot of great bands. I really should get there more often and sit back and enjoy some music. Wine slushy nights are Thursday nights, so I called my friend Holly and we went to listen to the amazing music of Six Bar Break and enjoy the slushies. It was definitely a refreshing way to spend a Thursday night. The slushies were delicious and the music was amazing! You can check out Six Bar Break’s ad on the back of this issue. Get out there and support them!! Sitting back and enjoying the music of Six Bar Break is an amazing way to spend any night of the week! They will be back at Spring Gate July 29th and August 12th, so plan your next night out now!

   The next day was the big DAM Party. This was the 5th Annual DAM party and I can’t believe I missed the first four. DAM stands for the name of 3 people that all celebrate their birthdays in June, and obviously they like to celebrate in style! They have an amazing set-up on a gorgeous property right along the Yellow Breeches creak. When I arrived I was surprised to see Josh already there wearing his gear and getting shots of the band! I got there in time to catch the tail end of the new band Road Case. There are plenty of familiar faces and amazing musicians in the line-up of this band: Tony from Back in Black is the lead singer, Chris DellaPorta and Clint Lyons from Single Barrel on guitars, Ed Piccolo on drums, and Jeff Lawrence on bass, both are from End of Silence. It’s hard to believe so much talent is wrapped into one band! It was awesome seeing and hearing them all play together. They play classic rock from some of your favorites of all time, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Tesla, Gov’t Mule, and many more. They definitely put on a great show and really got the party started! You can check out Road Case’s ad in this issue and see where they will be traveling next. They are ready to rock the local area stages and beyond!

   Steel stepped up next and kept the show rocking! It’s always fun seeing my Steel family outside enjoying some sunshine! We are all used to seeing each other so late at night, sometimes you wonder if we are all part vampire or something. I never heard of an actual count of people at the DAM party, but there were easily a few hundred people. A good amount of people there never saw Steel before, but I guarantee you that Steel and Road Case got a few new fans after this show. As usual at the end of their set Steel played Hallowed Be Thy Name and had quite a few people up front by the stage head banging along with them to finish their set. You can also check out Steel’s schedule in this issue and get out there and have a head bangin’ good time!!

   The final band at the DAM Party was Back in Black. It was definitely the band everyone was waiting for. As soon as they took the stage everyone came up to the stage, even when it started raining about halfway through their set no one cared and everyone just kept rockin’ and singin’ along! There was also free camping, so plenty of people were there for the night, so they had no where else better to go. The Pennsylvania Entertainment Group had quite an amazing outdoor stage set-up that when it did start raining no one seemed phased. The show was able to go on and the rock was able to continue. The whole event was very well organized. If you paid $10 you got a meal ticket that even included beer and jello shots, they had big tents set up. It was really a great set-up. I know I’ll be keeping an eye out for next year’s big event!

   After Steel’s set, Josh and I split ways. I stayed at the DAM Party, but he continued down to Roosterpalooza to rock out with Suicide Puppets. It’s awesome to have someone to help spread the love throughout the Harrisburg area and beyond. Him and Missy had a great time at Roosterpalooza, and then they zoomed over to Racehorse Tavern for Radio Bravo and Blues Vultures. Josh said he loved how everyone was so welcoming when you walked in to Racehorse. It really is that local bar where everyone knows your name, but yet they really get some amazing acts that pass through the area. Blues Vultures guitar player is Ronnie Younkins, also of Kix. Josh and Missy were impressed with their show and the whole vibe of the Racehorse. We have to make sure we support as many local venues as possible, there aren’t many left! To see Racehorse’s full entertainment schedule, check out their ad in this issue. They are a very rare venue that still has live entertainment Friday and Saturday nights, so there is plenty to do and plenty to see at the Racehorse!

   When it started raining at the DAM Party I decided I still had too much energy, so I decided to zoom down the highway to the Union House to see some more music. Union House had a last minute cancellation and since Darrell lives right down the road he filled in with an “Asking Andy” acoustic set, which consisted of Darrell and Keith Collins (Keith 2). Keith was playing the Cajon and Darrell was on guitar. It always amazes me how many different songs these guys can pull together and play on the fly. It’s always entertaining and it was a great way to end my night of craziness! And it helps that the Union House is such a cool place to hang out and hear music. Anna is a super fun and awesome bartender. My drink was delicious and had a Swedish fish swimming inside.. Yummy!!

   My next night out was another super special night where I got to witness the Scottish Rite Theatre come to life!! Mom and I went out for a girls’ night to see Beatlemania!!! I of course knew a lot of the songs too and Mom and I had a great night of music and entertainment. It was cool hearing Mom tell the story behind all of their costume changes (there were four of them) and the different sounds of their music. Mom of course knew all the great dance moves and I loved to see her dancing, singing and having a great time! The Scottish Rite Theatre have such an amazing room. Out of all of the places I’ve seen shows their “Live” acoustics are absolutely amazing. Their sound and lighting was once again provided by Pennsylvania Entertainment Group, I swear those guys were following me this month, anyhow.. the sound and lights were awesome and overall it was a great show. I obviously see a lot of cover bands, tribute bands, etc. It was cool to see these guys playing note for note and even using the same actions of the original Beatles.

   The Scottish Rite Theatre also had a great set up where they had Millworks come in with their beer for sale, the brewer himself, Jeff Musselman, was popping the tops, and working the booth. They also had Midstate Distillery for the non beer drinkers. And also WGC Catering was there with yummy food and goodies, and of course non-alcoholic beverages. It was awesome because you were also able to take your food and drinks into the theatre!! I know at other “fancy” venues it’s sometimes stressful because the beverage lines are so long at intermission and then you don’t have time to enjoy your drink before you have to go back in for the show. This was very relaxing and enjoyable. We truly had a great time! At the end of the show they even had their ballroom open for the Meet and Greet, where Mom and I were able to get our picture taken with Beatlemania! Super cool and a super fun night out!

   My last night out on the town was a trip back to Club XL to see Kix. It’s awesome to see Club XL getting such great crowds. People are catching on to this new super cool venue and supporting it! It’s so awesome to have such a large venue right here in Harrisburg that will be able to catch awesome acts passing through the area. I got there in time to hear the opening bands, Small Town Titans are definitely a local favorite and they also have quite a few local fans that were out there to support them. Small Town Titans are getting geared up to hit the road and go on tour with Adelita’s Way. It’s an awesome opportunity for these guys and I can’t wait to see where their music takes them next!

   Stone Horses were up next. Wowza yet another great rock vocalist! These guys have a quote on their site that says they write their songs about love, hate, struggle, and triumph. I think that pretty much sums up most writers these days, but they also have the band and the vocals to support their songs. They were a great band and they really kept the party going.

   When Kix took the stage it was cool to see and hear Steve’s reaction about finally getting another cool club in the city of Harrisburg. He talked about the old Metron Days and of course the City Island Concerts. (I wish I would’ve been old enough for those shows, they definitely sound like a good time in everyone’s memories.) It was cool to see Kix with my big brother, and quite a few of my friends. Kix put on one heck of show with over 2 hours of non-stop music! I wish I knew all of their anti-aging secrets. It’s just crazy how the guys just never age! It’s hard to believe the “Blow My Fuse” has been around for 30 years! It’s awesome to see these guys still packing rooms and rocking the stage all night long!

   I put a shout out on Facebook asking for any upcoming shows because unfortunately I don’t see the schedules before the mag prints, so it’s a little hard for me to write about what’s coming up. My advice on finding out what’s happening in the future is to turn the pages, flip through the mag and check out all of our amazing schedules of all of the awesome venues, bands, stores, etc that advertise. My article is about me going Out and About and checking out bands along the way.. It is the job of the ads themselves to tell you the future.. Check out the cover story this month and read about “The Gong Show Off Broadway” event coming to the Scottish Rite Theatre on August 17th! Just doing the interview had me rolling with laughter, I can’t even come close to imagining what the actual show will be like. Read about all the details in the month’s cover story. Nick Myers from 717 Entertainment told me about his special First Friday in Lebanon event. You can check out the details in Six Bar Break’s ad since they will be playing there. It sounds like a great event with a few bands and even an art gallery. James Oliver Lott III listed out HMAC’s schedule. They have quite a few bands coming up this month, some of them are blasts from the past. Check out my post on Facebook for HMAC’s dates.. You’ll also see some shows coming up with Tonewall Jackson in September up in Paxinos, PA, and another show in the opposite direction, in Winchester, VA there is a 3 Band Showcase on July 20th. There is always so much happening all around us.. just get out there and support it, wherever you are!

   Speaking of Facebook… we are trying to get moving with all of this Social Media shenanigans. We now have a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, #pamusician, @pamusician, Please like us, follow us, tweet us, or whatever shenanigans you enjoy! Also, if you are out at a show and you want us to know about it, please tag us!! If/when we have extra “filler” space in the mag we will go to our tags and pick out some lucky photos to be put in the mag. It will be a great way for us to cover even more shows, more bands, and more fun!! So please start tagging away!!!!! 

    Well that’s all for this month. If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns… hit me up at Have a great month and get out there and SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC!!!!!!

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