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Cover Story

Cover Photo By: Sabrina Kreps

Take 147… It’s All About Our “TAKERS”

By: Rachel Rocks

Take 147 is an all girl, party, rock band from Harrisburg. They’ve been rocking area stages since 2005, playing all of your favorite music from Pink to Ozzy, and everywhere in between. They play 80’s thru current rock and even alternative. They broke into the scene playing covers, and they know the covers are what truly pays the bills, but in the last two years they’ve been diligently working on some original music. Their first original “You” was a huge hit with their “Takers” from the very beginning. Of course when your fans love your originals, that only helps you create more, and that’s exactly what they did.

   They are very diverse in their music choices because everyone in the band sings, which helps to mix things up. Gretta Zechman is their lead singer, her range of vocal ability is crazy, she amazes me with every new song she learns. Rochelle Smith is not only an amazing guitar player, but she can also belt out some great music! Her voice is so different from Gretta’s, it adds a whole new dimension to the show. Amber Grunden lays down the lines on bass, so it makes perfect sense that she’s the lyricist of the band, throwing down the ‘rap’ parts in songs like the Beastie Boys “No Sleep Til Brooklyn.” Don’t let Patty Wilson on drums fool you, she looks all cool, calm and collected back there behind the kit, but listen closely, she has so many sneaky vocal parts that crack you up and really help add to a lot of the songs. She also switches places with Gretta for a couple of songs, one of them is “Song 2” by the Blur, also known as the “WhooHOO!” song where the takers fill the dance floor ready to kick their leg high in the air, and the highest kicker wins a hand-painted (highly coveted) gnome, painted personally by Patty herself. Take 147 definitely brings the party to any stage they play at. They love to make sure everyone is having a good time. Throughout the years of playing, they’ve made a lot of observations, noticing exactly which music their fans enjoy, and that really helped them create their original songs and release a CD that they knew their “takers” would love!

On June 27th they released their first full length CD, “Nothin’ to Lose”. Between writing the songs and finding the right studio, creating the album took them about a year and a half to complete. Once they had all of their pieces together and found Jason Shaffer at Full Tilt Productions, the last 6 months flew, and they finally had their finished product in their hands, ready to release it to their Takers.

Their CD Release Party was held at Tubby’s and it was definitely an epic night, and one they won’t forget. Before Take 147 even took the stage people were lined up to get their signatures on their CD, T-shirts, and anything else they could possibly sign. They knew they had great supportive fans, but to see everyone there to support something that they created was surreal. One of their fans, Brett Wolfe created an intro for them to play before they took the stage, the room was dark and their fans were chanting “Take 147” and cheering in anticipation of the exciting night. It gave everyone goose bumps. It was just so awesome to see and hear.

They have been playing most of their originals at their shows already so we have heard most of them before, but one song they surprised everyone with was “Goodbye” which is a ballad! Gretta plays the piano in this song, so they can’t play it live, but they played the track between sets and it gave everyone a chance to hear it for the first time together. There was a lot of slow dancing going on, and it was definitely well received. One thing I’ve always appreciated about Take 147 is the diversity in every song they write. One of their friends, Nicola, on Facebook, described their CD perfectly, she wrote, “I head banged, giggled, and cried…” There are more somber songs like “Salvation Ends” and “Goodbye” but they remind you quickly that they are here to have a good time with their song they are becoming notorious for, “House Party”. “Caravan Court” is another hilarious one where Amber is singing lead, and Gretta gets out the beer bottles to play along to the music. They threw in an extra solo version of “Goodbye” because they knew that was going to be a fan favorite, they ended the CD with one of their favorite covers, “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette, by the end of their CD ‘you oughta know’ how good it is! Altogether there are 12 songs on the CD that is professionally mixed and mastered by Jason Shaffer at Full Tilt Productions. You can purchase their CD at any of their shows, or on CD Baby.

Take 147 has been successful for many reasons besides for just their amazing music. One of their biggest reasons is how tight knit they all are. They truly work as a team in everything they do. Every few months they go on band retreats, just the four of them sneak off to their own hideaway and get their creative juices flowing. That’s pretty much how all of their songs were written by experiences that they’ve had together as a band, or that they’ve helped each other through. In the past two years they’ve realized that it isn’t all about just being a party band, but it is a full fledge business. They all have their own special jobs from social media, to booking, to web design, and marketing. Having success with a band only creates even more “business” stuff to do. They have officially become an LLC, they’ve made everything legal with copyrights, ASCAP, etc. There is a lot going on behind the scenes.

One of their hardest decisions was to start up their Kickstarter project, but they are so glad they did. They have some of the best fans any band could possibly ask for. They started with a goal of $2,500 in 30 days, but they smashed that goal in just 5 days! Even within minutes after they announced that the Kickstarter was live, they had fans fighting over limited items. Eventually they had to even add in more items to keep their fans happy. Their merch maiden, Sabrina Kreps, is busy at every show, with Takers wanting the newest designs and colors of shirts. One super fan, the last I heard, has 23 different shirts! That is a serious “Taker”! All of that support allowed them to financially finish their CD even quicker and get it out there to their fans.

In the past few years Take 147 has created goals for themselves and they’ve been conquering them one after the other. They’ve gotten a regular beach gig, played new and bigger venues, and packed them, played out of state, and had their original songs already featured on two different radio shows, that they know about, Digital Revolution Radio with K-Rock and Ms. Marr from Mid-Atlantic Rock Review and Rich Kaos from on his Uncharted Koas show. Another awesome opportunity coming up, is that they are opening for Bret Michaels at Reverb in Reading on August 15th. They were given 60 tickets to sell for the show, in a matter of days they sold all of them and they had to call the promoter to get some more. As of press time they only had about 10 tickets left! The promoter was shocked they were asking for more tickets to sell at $40 a piece. The takers are definitely going to be there in full force as usual. If you want a ticket you can message them through their website,

Take 147 has been bringing a crowd to every show and they wouldn’t be able to do that without all of their “takers”, their support has been overwhelming at times, but extremely appreciated! That also includes all of their super supportive partners and family. It’s amazing to look out in the crowd and see so many people they love dancing and singing along and having a great time.

You can check out Take 147 all over the internet, they are on Facebook, Reverbnation, Youtube, CD Baby, and they have their own website, They also have an ad in this issue with all of their dates so you can see where they will be partying next! To get them booked at your venue or party, you can send them an e-mail at