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Cover Story

Cover Photo By: Meredith Kaminek


Jughead Rocks!

By: Rachel Rocks

   Simple, sweet and to the point, Jughead Rocks! I’ve seen a lot of bands in the past 9 years. Some are really great, some aren’t quite my style, and some just nail it on the head with stage presence, song choice, presentation, etc., and that is Jughead. I had to ask myself where did these guys come from?

   Jughead started back in 2010 as an alternative, modern rock band. They’ve undergone some member changes, but they finally have a great, solid line-up again and they are hitting the area stages as hard as they possibly can. The original members, lead singer, Mike Bonilla, Mark Winieski on guitar, and Brad Fisher on bass, have all known each other since their young school days. They’ve played in lots of bands together, but once Mike gave himself a birthday gift and got some vocal lessons from the master, Steve Whiteman, he decided it was time to get serious. After throwing around 1,000s of names, Brad looked at Mike and called him by his old school yard name, “Jughead”, and the name just stuck. They all said, “that’s it!” (If you can remember back to the days of the Archie comic, and you look closely at Mike, he does look a lot like “Jughead” himself.) They were playing pretty steadily, but in 2014 they took some time to regroup and found their final two members, Damian Fanella, on bass, who works with Brad, and Steve Hallock on drums, responded to a Craigslist ad, and now they are ready to rock!

   Jughead is NOT a dinner band. You can’t ignore them! They are Rock straight from the start. Their energy and their sound is like no other. It’s not that it’s overbearingly loud, it’s just when you have five guys on one stage, it tends to be a little noisy. Mike doesn’t hold back on vocals, he sings his heart out, and there is no doubt that you are going to hear every note. They play a lot of everyone’s favorite alternate rock songs from great bands like U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Imagine Dragons, Collective Soul, etc. A quirky song they do their own special way is “Love Me Dead” by Ludo. If you’ve never heard it you can check it out on their or pages, they have some recorded songs and also some videos so you can see what you’ve been missing! Thanks to their newest  and youngest member, Damian you can now follow JugHeadBand on Twitter and Instagram too.

   They are all thrilled to be in a cover band and realize that a cover band is where it’s at! They just love coming up with new songs to learn and perform that makes people get up, get sweaty, dance, and have a good time! They work hard at making sure everyone knows the song, or at least enjoys hearing the song. They are constantly changing their set list, deleting songs and adding new ones. Every crowd is different and they try to be as flexible as possible to keep everyone happy and entertained. When I saw Jughead at Double K, I was honestly surprised by how good these guys are! All the staff and regular Double K crowd I talked to gave these guys a huge thumbs up. I know Mike has been calling clubs all the time trying to get in the rotation and get a chance to play on the local stages. Trust me, once you hear and see these guys, you’ll be glad you gave them the chance! Karen at Double K has them re-booked for August 14th, she got them back as fast as she could! They do have their own sound and even their very own new special lights! They can be pretty loud, but whoever heard of a quiet party before? One of their favorite places they have been playing at is Hogan’s Bar & Grill at Valley Green Golf Club in Etters. We actually had the interview there. They are playing at Hogan’s again on August 1st. I didn’t even know Hogan’s has bands, but I guess they do every Friday and Saturday night.

   Jughead is very glad to be back on the scene playing and having a great time. They know they are truly blessed to find the line-up they have where everyone just wants to de-stress from their busy work week and have a good time. They are out trying to be comical, yet serious. A funny fact about these guys.. None of them have any tattoos! They wouldn’t be out doing what they love if it wasn’t for all of the support from their family, friends, and fans. You have to have people in order to have a party! They wanted to personally thank Steve Whiteman for teaching Mike how to sing and have stamina to be able to sing all night long. They also wanted to thank another local band, That’s What She Said, for sharing gigs with them and helping them to get back onto area stages. Thanks to Chris DellaPorta at Woodshed Guitar Works, and Todd Vukmanic of Vukmanic Amplifiers for getting their equipment back up and running in a timely fashion, and last but not least the rest of the band wants to thank Mike Bonilla for working to the grind to get the band their gigs and just promoting them in every way he possibly can. If you don’t have someone running around being the voice of the band, you wouldn’t be a band in the first place.

   Jughead is definitely ready to rock anytime, anywhere! Give Mike a call today and get Jughead booked at your venue or special event, 717-795-4420, you won’t be disappointed!