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Cover Story

Cover Photo By: Meredith Kaminek


 By: Rachel Rocks

   Throughout the years Close to Consideration (CTC) has been in the magazine we have watched them grow up from boys to men. It’s hard to believe two out of three of these guys formed their band in 2006, when they were only 13 years old. Austin Weaver, their drummer, and Chad Wright, on lead vocals and guitar, fought this bands way into the local scene, proving to the club owners time and again that they were worthy of playing their stages. Saturday, May 2nd, they are finally making their way back to the Abbey Bar in Harrisburg. The last time they remember playing the Abbey Bar they had to be dropped off, they were so young it was before they had a license. Now they will be playing the 12:30am time slot and playing the stage with some of the areas best jam bands. The doors open at 8pm, and it’s going to be a great night of music.

   The guys are just so relieved to finally have clubs contacting them for shows, instead of always being the one hunting for the next gig! They are even now getting paying gigs, which is an absolutely amazing feeling. Austin has one more year of college, ‘til he’ll graduate with a degree in Mass Communications, and then these guys are ready to plan a major tour and hit the road.

   When the guys graduated from High School and moved on to college, they lost one original member, Trace Morgan, to Michigan State University, but they quickly picked up Austin’s new classmate at York College, Sam Hug. Sam can play many different instruments, but picked up the bass so he could fill in the missing link for Close to Consideration. You might know Sam if you ever shop at York Music Shop. He works there full time, and he’s always willing to help you pick out your next instrument that is perfect for you. Each instrument is unique and it is best to be able to experience how the instrument sounds and feels before you buy. That is why it’s best to buy instruments locally instead of online.  He’s very grateful for his employee discount, and would love to continue to keep their small music shop alive. So even though you might save a couple bucks ordering your instruments online, do yourselves and every small store a favor, and shop local and save the local businesses and the local musicians that are working in those businesses.

   These guys might still be young, but they have more years of experience than most bands in the area. They’ve released their own original music every year for the last five years. They’ve done everything from their very own recording, to recording in a studio. Their EP “Chemical Cocktail” was recorded at Full Tilt Productions, and their latest release, “CONSID-I-RATION” that was released in January of this year, was recorded right in the auditorium in York College. It was recorded by Austin’s fellow classmate, Ben Rush. Ben recently formed a club called YCP Recording where he can experiment with the school’s recording equipment and really get a feel for how everything works. It was an experiment for Ben and Close to Consideration, and if I can say so myself, turned out great. Their one song “Consid-I-ration” does a great job at explaining their current stage in life, the chorus is,

  “I don’t know where I am going, I don’t know when I’ll return, I just know I will have the sense to learn…”

 It’s awesome to see these guys out there carving their way into the scene one day, or even one year at a time.

    It’s so hard to describe Close to Consideration’s genre of music. The easiest term would be Fusion, it’s a crazy blend of reggae, rock, punk and jam, but one of their most important elements they rarely leave out is the funk! They can’t help but to put that funky beat in their music that no one can resist at least bopping their head to if not getting on the dance floor and dancing the night away. Even though CTC obviously prefers to play original music they do throw in the occasional cover when necessary. One of their biggest twists on a cover right now is Eric Clapton’s song “Cocaine.” That song always gets some great crowd response. They also throw in some Sublime. Out of all the bands out there Sublime is what they get the most comparisons to by their fans. Some of their favorite covers they prefer just to mash up and add on their own little funky, reggae twist to keep the people dancing. Their shows are all about having fun! With most of their fans being right around the 21 mark, you can pretty much guarantee that every show is going to be a party.

   Speaking of shows, they have a very full schedule coming up throughout the month of May and the whole summer. Some of their bigger shows coming up are the Spring Jynx Festival in Northumberland, PA on May 9th, and the Bless the Woods Festival, in Fairplay, Maryland on June 11th-14th. While playing these festivals it’s a great opportunity for the guys to network with other bands. They’ve been making some great connections and trading shows with other bands like The Substance from York, and Native Maze in Doylestown, just to name a few. They’ve also been able to just create their own shows with other local, original bands that have been getting great response. They are not letting any opportunities pass them by, they’ll try just about anything, and learn what works or doesn’t in the process. Check out their ad in this issue for their full schedule of shows and get out there and experience these funky guys and their great show for yourself.

   When you say these guys are a Do It Yourself (DIY) band, that is definitely no exaggeration. Their latest CD cover’s design was hand drawn by Chad’s friend, Alexandria Osipov. While I was sitting there during the interview, Austin was literally using scissors and tape and creating their CD Covers so they will have CDs for sale at their Abbey Bar show on Saturday, May 2nd. Austin has also been hand painting every shirt they’ve sold. It is a tedious process, but he loves making each shirt in it’s own individual and unique way. They are hoping to order a bulk order of merch in the near future, but they are trying to decide on something unique, yet useful they can sell at their shows. They are thinking about socks. When you play the festivals and your feet get all wet in the dewey grass, you can always use more socks! Keep an eye out for their new merch, coming your way very soon!

   The guys are definitely excited to see what the future brings. They know one thing though, they wouldn’t have a past or a future if it wasn’t for Austin’s parents Lynn and “the other Sam”, the way more beautiful, Samantha Weaver. They’ve supported Close to Consideration in every way possible, and it doesn’t go un-noticed, and they are very thankful for all that they do.

   Close to Consideration is going to continue to play their music with as much energy and soul that they can possibly expend, it doesn’t matter if they are hitting the Chameleon’s awesome stage, or getting ready to load their expensive gear on a little boat to go to an island party, they are ready for their next step as a band, they are ready to hit the road and take the world by storm! One thing for sure tho, they won’t forget to bring the Funk!

   Check out Close to Consideration on Facebook or Reverbnation at for all the latest info. You can also check out their ad in this issue for all of the details. To get them booked at your venue or private party, give Austin a call at 717-979-9234.