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Cover Story

Cover Photo By: Meredith Kaminek

Tease Up Your Hair and Get Ready to Rock with Time Bomb

Article By Rachel Rocks

   Time Bomb is ready to rock the night away and blast you back into the 80’s. I really think Paul Stanley from Kiss describes Time Bomb’s motto the best when he wrote,

I want to Rock ‘n’ Roll all night, and party every day!”

  After only hanging with these guys for an evening, it was easy to tell that they are here to have fun, entertain the masses, and play music wherever and whenever they can.

   Time Bomb originated back in 1988. They had a great run and tons of fun, but life happens, and they decided to call it quits. Back in 2015 their original bass player, got the itch and called the original four members together for dinner. Unfortunately, all of the original members couldn’t get it together again, but it gave their guitar player, Brian Gates, enough of an itch that he kept searching for new band members to help keep the name and the spirit of Time Bomb alive! Lucky for him, in 2015, he was finally able to do just that. Time Bomb has a great, strong, line-up that helps keep the 80’s alive and rockin!

   Brian and Todd Williams were first jamming together and they couldn’t believe the gold they struck when Tas Journey came in for his audition. He originally replied to their help wanted ad as a rapper from Craigslist, so they weren’t too hopeful, but he came into his audition and blew the cobwebs right out of their PA with his firstsong,Mental Health.” His range and the songs he can sing from all of your favorite 80’s bands: Motley Crue, Britny Fox, Twister Sister, AC/DC, etc.. is just unbelievable, it was a match made in heaven!

   After going through a couple of drummers, Louis Vera came back in to try-out. Talk about someone who is dedicated or maybe it was just fate, but Louis actually tried out for Time Bomb 25 years ago and didn’t make the cut! He’s so glad he didn’t let that first audition discourage him, because he absolutely loves rockin’ out with these guys.

   Since they got their new full line-up in place, they’ve been playing wherever and whenever they possibly can. This past year they’ve really had some amazing opportunities, opening for great bands such as Sebastian Bach, Fuel, LA Guns, Kix, and Jackyl just to name a few. They were also given the opportunity to play three different shows this past month as part of the Gettysburg Bike Week. One thing for sure, each and every time they perform, they put on one heck of a show.

   Not only do they rock out and sound like all of your favorite 80s metal hair bands, but they look the part too. They understand that you need to have lots of high energy and a big show! You need it all, screaming, lights, fog, and ripping guitar solos, and trust me… Time Bomb does have it all and then some. I was one of the lucky ones that got to see them perform at Tubby’s. It was awesome to see them play on that nice big stage. I couldn’t believe how high Brian can jump, all while ripping through some crazy guitar solos, he doesn’t even miss a note! Tas is so much fun to watch, talk about tons of energy, that guy is everywhere, on and off the stage. Todd and Louis work together flawlessly to keep the beat moving and laying down those bass lines. I know a lot of bands claim that they have a great stage presence, but no one compares to these guys!

   They’ve even recently started adding some original songs to their set list. Writing their originals is a collaborative effort, they already have five originals that they play, and more in the works. They have plans to start recording at The Kaleidoscope in Lancaster so they can have an EP out real soon. They love covering plenty of different artists from the 80s, but there is nothing quite as awesome as playing their own songs and seeing their fans reactions.

   Time Bomb plays a lot of crowd favorites. They try and accommodate as many requests from their fans as they possibly can. They even learned a very rockin’ rendition to one of your Johnny Cash favorites! They are always encouraging their fans to participate, they even invite some of them to come up and help play or sing when they see a fellow musician in the crowd. They don’t have egos, they just want to make sure their fans are having a good time!

   One thing Time Bomb always tries not to do is over-saturate any one area. They try and spread their gigs out as much as possible so they can bring out as many fans as possible. This month they have shows all around the midstate and beyond. They start the month at The Stables in Westminster, MD, then they head to Gettysburg Rocks on the 11th, Racehorse Tavern on the 12th for the Dave Moser Benefit, the 26th they will be Rock’n on the Ridge in Red Lion, and a big, super fun show in September is Roosterpalooza on the 30th. You can check out their ad in this issue for even more information about their shows. You can also follow them on Facebook at

   Time Bomb wanted to make sure and express how thankful they are for all of the musicians that have played in Time Bomb since 1988. No matter how short or long you were part of the band, you are all one of the main reasons Time Bomb is together and continues to rock their hearts out at every show. They also wanted to thank the super special ladies of Time Bomb: Stacey, Sherry, Linda, and Cynthia, without all of your support and encouragement, Time Bomb wouldn’t even be possible. Last but not least a HUGE THANK YOU to all of their fans that come out and support them night after night. They wouldn’t have a show if there was no one there to watch it and hear it, so thank you!

   Check out their schedule in this issue and get out there and support live music! These guys will put on one heck of a show and make it well worth your time and effort! So tease your hair, put on your tight jeans, and get ready to ROCK!