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Cover Story

Cover Photo by: Meredith Kaminek

Get Yourself Tied in With Frayed Nott

By: Rachel Rocks

   Frayed Nott is a 3-piece rock band from Hummelstown, PA. They play all of your top-charting favorites from the 80s and 90s in their own twisted way. Two of the band members, Dave Blouch and Scott Minich, have been jammin’ together for over 20 years in various bands. In 2011 they met their 3rd and final member of the band, Seth Jerome, that helped tie the band all together, and hence Frayed Nott was born.

   Dave Blouch is the lead singer and bass player. He has been playing music for as long as he can remember. He loves all types of music from Cat Stevens to Judas Priest, or even Folk to Metal. He learned most of his best guitar licks from the kids he taught guitar lessons too. The kids would start jammin’ and he’d be taking notes. He only played guitar for years, but when he realized Seth played guitar too, he decided to switch to bass so they didn’t have to find a fourth member. It was a big adjustment, but since he made the switch he hasn’t looked back.  He was originally playing in Metal bands with Scott, but in the 90s it was near impossible to find a venue to play in because they were afraid of moshpits, etc., that metal was associated with. With that little snafu they switched up their genre to 80s and 90s rock and they tried for quite a few years to form the perfect band, until they finally formed Frayed Nott.

   Scott Minich started out playing drums with dowel rods and pots and pans. Drumming has been his dream for as long as he could remember, it just took a little bit longer to convince his parents. Finally, on his 18th birthday they bought him his first drum set, it was a cheap jazz set with a lightning bolt paint job, but he played them hard everyday he could, usually while his parents were at work. He started playing with stereo speakers set up on both sides so he could get used to what it would feel like being in a band. Scott is definitely the “song nazi” of the band, he likes to make sure everything is as close to perfect as possible, even tho they do put their own twists on the songs. Scott enjoys playing all types of music from 80s pop to Metal. To Scott music clears the mind, it gives him a complete mental break from the real world. He loves playing and he would play all day everyday if he didn’t have to pay the bills!

   Seth Jerome is the third, and final piece of the band. Dave and Scott met Seth because he showed up at their church to try out for their church band. When Dave heard him warming up before he even played with him, he knew he was going to be a perfect fit for Frayed Nott. Seth absolutely loves music. He was first introduced to playing an instrument in third grade with the Flutophone. He started out playing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” but before too long he was playing Boston! He eventually stepped up to playing saxophone, and then eventually the guitar. He started taking guitar lessons from Tim Viloti at Cagnoli Music. After his first two lessons Tim told Seth’s Mom that he can’t teach him anything else, he was already self-taught enough and could do fine on his own, so that’s what he did. He played guitar along with commercials on TV or anywhere he possibly could. Seth was very against having a rock band without a 2nd guitar player, but he has found ways around it, using a rhythm looper. He also has an insane pedal board with bizarre settings for almost every song, he can even play organ music with his guitar! He has adjusted to life with only one guitar player, but he does miss having someone else to play with.

   I’ve been to a few of Frayed Nott’s shows and I’m impressed with their wide range of music. They are doing a great job covering the music you don’t hear every other band playing. It is a risky business trying to come up with songs that will keep their fans entertained, but in my opinion they do an amazing job. When they are throwing around song ideas at band practice they always make sure the songs they choose have been a hit at one point during the 80s and 90s. While observing the crowd at their shows every time I see people with that look of shock on their face… “Are they really playing “White Wedding”.. or “You Spin Me Round”.. or maybe sometimes even “She-Bop” by Cyndi Lauper, these guys play it all. They are also constantly looking for requests. They truly want to make sure their fans, or “Nottheads” truly enjoy themselves at every show.

   These guys have been opening for bands, putting in their time for the past year, trying to find as many “Nottheads” as possible. They’ve recently completely re-done their website, You can now listen to their music recorded live at their shows to get a taste of what you’re missing. You can also easily access all of their dates to see where they will be rockin’ next! Frayed Nott recently started their own YouTube channel “Nottvision” every Wednesday you can check out a new live video to see what’s happening. Their first video was pretty entertaining, I know I can’t wait to tune in next Wednesday to see what they will be up to. These guys are doing everything they can to entertain us, now we just have to do our part and support them. You can also like them on Facebook at

   Forming a band is hard enough work, but finding venues to let you entertain the masses is even harder. Frayed Nott would be nowhere if it wasn’t for all of the support they’ve gotten from some local bands: Shortbus Fight Club, Voodoo, and Take 147, just to name a few. They’ve also had amazing support from their family and friends. Seth’s wife Andrea has been completely supportive of Seth’s musical endeavors. If it wasn’t for her, he would’ve never even thought about being in another band. Also Dave wanted to thank his kids and his girlfriend Joanne. When you are in a band, the support of your family is crucial and these guys definitely have it! Their 4th “member of the band” is DJ Jerome, Seth’s brother. He is the man behind the scenes, video-taping and photographing shows, working on their schedule, and all of the other fun stuff that needs done for a band to run smoothly. He’s also learning how to run their new specially designed soundboard that was assembled by Todd at Vukmanic Amplifiers. The new soundboard will allow them to provide their own sound at shows with half the hassle of a regular soundboard. Thanks so much to Todd for performing his magic whenever it’s needed.

   They are blessed in this area to be surrounded by privately owned music stores. If you’re gear isn’t in top shape it would be impossible to play. Some of their favorite places to support because they always help them out of a jam are: Brian Howard Guitars, Players Exchange, and Dales Drum Shop. The guys in these shops always help them get back on the stage as quickly as possible. We’re blessed to have a tight knit music community.

   Frayed Nott is looking forward to expanding their fan base throughout 2015. Make sure and check out “Nottvision” on Wednesdays and keep updated with everything in “Nott World”. To get these guys booked at your venue or private party give them a call today at 717-645-NOTT (6688). Also, make sure and check out their website,