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Cover Story

Scott Fritz, owner of Schoolhouse Music, grew up in a musical home and at the age of 9 his dad offered to pay for music lessons for each of his children and Scott chose to take guitar lessons. Scott took lessons from Sam Jaffin for 4 years and Sam is still teaching in the area. He also learned how to play the banjo, and the fiddle plus various other stringed instruments.

    In the 70’s Scott was in a band called the Juice and he also was in a band named Last Chance.   Out of high school Scott attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where he studied the intricasies of Jazz, music theory and also started writing his own songs and music. He knew at that point that he was always going to be involved in music.

    Running out of money he came home and was performing in a local band and started buying musical instruments at Flea Markets and Yard Sales and began building up a reputation as the “go to guy” in the Danville, PA area to buy quality musical gear from. He not only bought used gear he also started fixing up the instruments he purchased.  He actually sold the gear out of his car for a time. He realized that there was a definite need in the Danville area for a music store. His brother and his wife had bought an old schoolhouse along Route 11 between Danville and Bloomsburg and offered to rent it to Scott, thus in 1983 Schoolhouse Music was established and soon became one of Northeast PA’s most popular music stores. After 23 years in the little Schoolhouse Scott outgrew it and moved to his current location at 1906 Montour Blvd, Danville (it’s actually right up the road from the one room schoolhouse. To maintain the character of his original beginnings he added a bell tower and still displays the pictures of President Lincoln and George Washington and the flag of the United States of America to continue with the Schoolhouse theme.

   Scott is well known for his honest service, precise instrument set-ups and repairs. If you don’t have a stringed instrument set up right they won’t sound too good and they will be hard to play. The Set Up is very important and Scott has been doing that a long time, This year marks 34 Years of serving the public.

   Schoolhouse Music’s prices are very competitive with any store or online catalog sales. Scott is a firm believer that you need to strum an instrument and hear how it sounds and feels before you purchase one and having a retail store full of quality equipment gives his customers a chance to do just that.     

   Schoolhouse Music is a dealer for some of the highest quality and best known instruments in the industry including Martin Acoustic Guitars, Alvarez, Seagull, Schecter, Sterling and many other brands. He carries Orange Amps, plus Fender and other name brands. He also has Ukes, Mandolins, Violins and various kinds of drums. 

    Scott knew from the time he was a young boy that he wanted to be involved in music, little did he know it would be in music retail.

   Scott still performs at coffee houses and private events and is always recording songs he has written. He knows someday he will sell a song to just the right person and than he’ll become rich and famous. Until than though he is ready to hook you up with that musical gear that will help you to accomplish your dreams for your own musical goals.

   Schoolhouse Music is open Monday thru Thursday from 10am to 5pm, Fridays 10am to 6pm and Saturdays 12noon to 4pm.  Don’t hesitate to call 570-275-4949 or stop by with your questions or to see all that Scott has to offer. Schoolhouse Music has very low overhead so their prices are amazing. Or maybe you just want to talk about music, it’s Scott’s favorite subject.