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Cover Story

J.J. Beauvais… Spreading the Love One City at a Time

 Article By: Rachel Rocks

   Jeffrey Beauvais is a musician on a mission and that is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through music, beginning in the USA and eventually extending around the world. Jeffrey is currently in several bands, each designed to help spread the love and share the Good News of the Gospel. He is obviously a solo singer/songwriter, better known as J.J. Beauvais, but he also has a rap persona known as Chase Nafta. (Chase Nafta is the easiest search to find him and his music videos on YouTube.) He is also the lead vocalist for the contemporary Christian band “Best Day Ever, and the blues rock/rap band, “Weeping Sons.” Jeffrey is also a skilled Worship leader and minister.

   J.J. originally picked up a guitar when he was 16, but never did anything too serious until two years ago when he was on a missions trip in Africa and he picked up a guitar and started playing. He quickly realized, along with his wife, Melissa, that music is a universal way to reach out to the lost and help those in need. Music is a universal language and soothes the souls of people all around the world. Without much debate, J.J. and Melissa both decided when they got back to the States that J.J. was going to become a full-time musician and keep spreading the love throughout the U.S. and beyond.

   As soon as he got back from his missions trip he began booking gigs and promoting himself wherever possible. Venues quickly found out that J.J. can easily provide hours of good, clean, fun entertainment for nearly any occasion. Lately he has been most requested for his wedding services because as a capable DJ, he provides the sounds you need to get the celebration going, and as the night winds down he soothes the guests as he performs live with his amazing vocals and acoustic guitar. He is the perfect one-stop shop wedding/event solution! When you are a full-time musician you start doing everything you can to get the gig, so he’ll even play during the week at retirement homes, where his biggest hits are more from the Country Western Gospel Bluegrass genre. (lol). J.J. has a library of 100s of songs in his head, but there are always a few requests that throw him for a loop, lucky for him because of his ability to be able to freestyle, and do improve from his rapper side of music, as long as he can get the tune, he can pretty much make something happen that makes his audience happy. He plays all genres of music, one of his biggest fan favorites is James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain”.

   Not only does J.J. amaze people by covering so many different genres, he also has  his own record label, Sweet Freedom Records where you can purchase his original music. J.J. and Melissa work together to write songs to help spread the love. Their latest original CD titled appropriately, “Love All Around,” plus J.J.’s other CDs can be purchased through their label’s website, They are looking to sign more bands under their independent label, please check it out for yourself, and see what J.J. can do for you and your band.

   If you watch America’s Got Talent and you look closely, you might catch a glimpse of J.J. this season. He entered a “Line Skipper” contest for the AGT Tryouts in Las Vegas through, and he won! He made it through a few steps of the audition process, and spent some time in Vegas where once again he had a life changing revelation. While touring the area he found out about the people living in the flood tunnels of Vegas. Literally thousands of homeless people live in these tunnels, that are called flood tunnels for a reason. It is a very dangerous and scary situation. J.J. found a group called CityReach Las Vegas East, that are planning on starting a Church Plant in Las Vegas. CityReach is reaching those who are far from God and helping them to become passionate followers of Jesus Christ, pretty much the same exact philosophy as J.J. and Melissa. Now they’ve purchased a travel trailer and at the end of August they are hitting the road on their Love All Around Us Tour. You can check it out at  They will be hitting cities throughout the US on their way to Vegas. One of their first shows on the tour is Saturday, September 19th in Nashville, TN. It is an Active Heroes Benefit, and they are more than thrilled to be helping to support our troops. You can check out their website for yourself where you can see more in detail what exactly they are doing and where they will be going. Love All Around is a tax exempt non-profit charitable organization. They do have a link on their site where you can easily donate to support J.J. and his family on their mission. They also have two beautiful children, Eliana, 4, and Samuel who will be 2 in November. You can also simply sign up for their Newsletter to stay in touch with the Beauvais and join their prayer group. For as long as they possibly can they will be touring the country to bring revival to the the church and bright hope to the communities of America. They exist to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who need the hope of salvation through loving care, compassion, and music. On their tour throughout the Fall they have worship/prayer events and youth/adult revival services preaching repentance for the forgiveness of sins. They are not a church themselves, they just work along side churches as an outreach. They join hands with different ministries while using music as a tool to proclaim the Gospel Message.

   The Beauvais’s biggest belief is if you pour your life out on others, God will bless you. Another major law that is in effect in their lives and everyone else’s who is a hard worker in today’s world, you have to sow if you want to reap the reward. They will continue to sow their seeds of love and in the end they will definitely be reaping the reward! Please consider donating and supporting J.J. and his family on their Love All Around tour, we all know how much we need to spread the love throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. If you call J.J. today you can also still get him booked at your venue or private party before he leaves at the end of August. You can call him directly at 570-728-5382 or email him at