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Cover Story

Music = Life

By: Rachel Rocks

   When you live, eat, and breathe music like Bob and Jen Patterson, it only makes sense to start your own Artist Management and Promotion company, so that is exactly what they did. In 2005, Bob was playing in a band called Jonnie Chimpo, practice was always at his house, so naturally Jen took on the role of “DenMother” always making sure the guys were fed a good meal, and helping them with the necessary promotional side of the band, before too long the “DenMother” name stuck, and their business, DenMother Music was formed.

   Bob has been involved in the local music scene for the past 15 years as a band member, promoter and fan of the local music scene, and Jen has been by his side the whole way. Throughout those 15 years they have both formed many relationships with club owners, sound engineers, printing companies, and many other industry professionals that help keep any band afloat.

   For most of those years they were only focusing on bands that Bob was playing in, but they know that Bob won’t be able to perform forever, and Artist Management is a great fall-back plan to keep him involved in the music industry, and to share his knowledge with other bands out there trying to find their place in this market. He has learned a lot just in the school of hard knocks, and if they can make the path a little easier for the next band, that’s exactly what they want to do.

   You might be a new band that just has no idea how to go about promoting your band, or reaching out to the club owners, or talent hunters, and that’s where DenMother Music steps in. DenMother Music has promoted all of their projects in the PA Musician Magazine in some way, shape, or form for years. They strongly believe that advertising is important. Some clubs don’t even accept flyers/posters anymore, and Facebook is not the only answer. If there is an avenue out there, you have to jump on it, and promote like crazy. Some bands don’t have the time or the energy to promote their band, but they do enjoy playing, another perfect example of when you should consider hiring a manager. I know bands that get successful and that one member is tired of doing “all the work” when it comes to booking the band. Don’t get upset with each other, just find an outside source like DenMother Music to do the “busy work” for you. By freeing up your band member from doing all of the booking, you are allowing them more time to focus on playing and developing their craft instead of just finding the next gigs.

   Having an outside manager is also nice because it helps to separate the band from the business. When you are setting up and getting ready to play a show it’s nice to not have to stop to talk business to the club owner or booking agent. It’s nice to “pass the puck” on to someone else. When they come up and start talking business wouldn’t it be nice to simply say, “You’ll have to contact my agent.” It also helps show the talent buyers that you take your band seriously. If you’re willing to put the effort in necessary to hire an agent, then you must truly care about your band’s success.

   Booking multiple bands used to get very confusing, now with all of the technological advances in calendars and schedules, it’s so much easier to keep everything straight. DenMother Music knows that communication is key to any successful business. You can have all of the tools right in front of you, but you have to choose to use them. So many people are out there playing in multiple bands, or have multiple jobs, and of course family, so keeping a calendar updated to the very minute is crucial in running a successful Artist Management business. When they are contacting club owners or talent buyers, they want to make sure the available dates are legitimate, they don’t just want to waste everyone’s time.

   DenMother Music is currently working with Fell From Zero, The Bob and Dick Show, See You Next Friday, and The Two Dudes Acoustic. These bands range from full out rock bands, to quieter acoustic acts. Most of DenMother Music’s experience aims more towards Rock bands, but pretty much all of the venues, music companies, etc. that a band needs to function are pretty much open to all genres of music, so DenMother Music is willing to work with all genres of music too. They don’t just agree on the spot to work for any band. They will come out and check out a show, and see what you are currently doing as a band. Then if they think they can help you out they will sit down with you, and together you can come up with a plan of what you’d like to achieve as a band, every client is different with their own needs and desires. They are currently accepting new clients, it doesn’t hurt to give DenMother Music a call to see what they can do for you.

   DenMother Music doesn’t have a huge list of clientele. They are just getting started in this business, but I can guarantee you one thing, they are taking their business very seriously, and they have the passion and drive that will help spark any bands business. If you are sick of hitting the pavement yourself, or simply just don’t have the time, don’t give up on your band before you give DenMother Music a try. Give Bob and Jen a call at 717-801-9783 or you can e-mail them at