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Cover Story

Amanda and THE NOISE…

Honesty that hits you in your core, and leaves you screaming for more!


   Amanda and THE NOISE are primarily a rock n’ roll band with a twist of a more Riot Grrl emphasis. Some of you may be asking what is “Riot Grrl”, I know I was, Riot Grrl is a hardcore punk rock way of allowing women to express themselves through music. They are an all-female group, and they focus most of their songs on female empowerment and tackling controversial issues such as domestic violence, discrimination, and a wide range of too many horrible things that are happening in our society today.

   Amanda Schaedler first started playing as an angry singer/songwriter, but eventually she decided she not only wanted to be more upbeat and happier, she also wanted to make more NOISE! It took a while to find the perfect match because she had to search high and low for team players that were committed, and understood Amanda’s goals and plans for her music.. She always loved the idea behind being a 2nd Wave Riot Grrl, and after she stumbled across Erica Tipton on bass, and Patty Wilson on drums, she thought it just might become a reality, and sure enough, it did! They’ve now all been together as a band for a year and a half and they are making as much NOISE as they possibly can.

   Erica has been slappin’ the bass for over 13 years. She used to be in a punk rock band that pretty much just played house shows, which was really cool, even though chances are that’s why she’s deaf in her left ear! Erica has wanted to play in a band as long as she can remember, and she’s so glad she found these ladies to rock the stage with!

   Patty has been in a few different bands throughout the area. She was actually a rhythm guitar player in one of those bands, when their drummer suddenly quit. Of course, guitar players are everywhere, so Patty took one for the team and learned how to play the drums, after all, how hard can it be!?! Well it’s by far not the easiest instrument play, and she’s still learning more all the time, but one thing for sure is she loves it!!

   Amanda and THE NOISE is primarily an original band, but they do throw in a cover once in a while to get the crowd hooked in and rockin’ along. They currently have at least one full solid hour set, but they are working on a whole new batch of songs. Amanda writes all of the lyrics to their music, and then presents it to “THE NOISE” and together they tweak it until they get it perfect for on the stage. As you listen to their music you can quickly hear their feminist approach in their music, I always appreciate their lyrics because they are just straight up honest ways people view this world. The great part about these ladies is they actually express their feelings and sing about them, unlike some people who are always guarded and miserable, these ladies are boisterous and having a blast in the process. They do have one wild rap song about “Black Slacks”.. maybe it’s just because my new job makes me wear black slacks, but to me it’s just so meaningful and the fact that you can tell the song is over when Erica starts screaming makes the song even more appropriate to my life and other’s lives too I’m sure. Unfortunately Amanda and THE NOISE don’t have any dates right now to write about, but they are heading into the studio getting ready to record their next EP. They are super excited to work with Sam Kelly of the Big Fat Meanies. They hope to get their EP recorded quickly so they can get out there and promote themselves.

   Speaking of promoting themselves, not only does Amanda write songs, she also writes, creates, and distributes her one little “zine” in true Riot Grrl fashion. She likes to use her Zine just like her music, it’s a great way to express herself and make sure people are aware of all of the craziness happening in the world, and of course ways we can work together to make the world a happier place. She creates her zine so it’s educational and informative. It’s also a great way for her to promote the band. She hands them out to anyone who will take one. Amanda isn’t the only creative one in the band, Erica has her own design company, El Robot Designs. She designed their logo and she also already created artwork for their albums.

   Amanda and THE NOISE are a very tight knit group, they are that type of band that not only plays together, but hangs together too. Do yourself a favor and reach out and get Amanda and THE NOISE booked at your venue. You can email Amanda at: Trust me you won’t be disappointed! You can also check them out at