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Cover Story

Cover Photo By: Kelly Ann Shuler

 Scott Peoples Living in This Moment and Loving It

By: Rachel Rocks

      Scott Peoples is a singer/songwriter from right here in Central PA. He’s been playing the guitar for “decades” but after a break from the live scene to raise a family, he’s back, and ready to entertain everyone he possibly can. As with most musicians, it’s hard to nail down an exact genre of music, but the best we could come up with is Americana with muscle!

   Scott started playing guitar many years ago when he was 12 years old. He grew up in a musical family, so music was always around him. His biggest influence was his Grandfather who was a jazz guitar player. His sister is also a talented pianist, and his mother has a beautiful voice. His father is still a popular DJ who hosts the Dickinson College radio show “Catching the Sun”.  With so many amazing musicians in his personal life, Scott has quite a broad musical background, which has helped strengthen himself as a musician.

   Scott has been writing songs for at least 10 years now. While writing Scott makes sure all of his songs have a great melody and lyrics, and a hook, that for the most part, has you singing along by the end! Scott released his first full-length CD “This Moment” back in April of 2014. Scott recorded his CD with Fred Pellegrine Jr. at Pellegrine Audio Productions. When Scott asked for a Studio session drummer, Fred had the perfect match, Jeff Shoop. Scott loved how Jeff’s beats added to his music so Scott asked Jeff to play out at a gig with him. Their first gig was at Suba about a year ago, and they’ve been having a blast playing together ever since.

   Jeff has been playing drums for many years. He played with Steve Creter for 15 years and due to Steve’s passing he was currently without a band, so it was the perfect opportunity for Jeff. It was a perfect example of one door closing and another one opening. Jeff knew all of Scott’s songs from doing the studio work, so it was easy to immediately start playing shows with him. He was also impressed with Scott’s writing techniques and was looking forward to starting out a new project and getting back out on the scene.

   Together they’ve both been playing gigs and writing new songs. Scott is the wordsmith, he brings a lot of songs into rehearsals and the collaboration between the two has created some truly amazing music. The CD “This Moment” reflects a 20 year span of life: relationships, hardships, just life in general with lots of ups and downs. It was a time of serious soul searchin’ and laying it all out there for the world to hear. They’re getting close to completing another full length CD, hopefully with a release later this year.

   I’ve been fortunate enough to hear Scott and Jeff play together. The first show was at Aussie and the Fox for the Launch Music Festival. They played a 30 minute set and it was all originals and very captivating. Scott has an amazing voice that quickly captures you, his lyrics are so meaningful, I can almost instantly relate to what he’s singing. His website is, for a reason… Scott can definitely play the guitar! It’s not just the standard 3 chord progressions; he’s up and down the frets, playing absolutely beautiful music. I could listen to him for hours! The second time I saw them was a completely different atmosphere out on the deck at Big Woody’s, enjoying the sunset on the Susquehanna River. With a 3-hour show they were mixing in their originals with plenty of covers. They were constantly asking for requests, and playing everything they could to make their fans happy. It was a party on the deck and tons of fun! Everyone was extremely receptive. One thing about these guys, even tho there are only two of them, they mix things up with their looping pedals and before you know it, it sounds like 4 or 5 guys in a full band! Not only does Jeff play a nice, small cocktail drum kit, he also breaks out the ukulele on occasion to keep things interesting. You definitely don’t get bored at their shows, they keep ya hopping from generation to generation of music, and even through different genres. You just never know what they are going to play next.

   They’ve just recently even changed things up a little bit more drastically, they now have a 3rd member, Keath McIntyre. Keath is officially their new bass player. His main instrument will be the ukulele bass. I’m excited to hear their new line-up. The other very unique thing with these guys is not only can they squeeze into a tiny corner to entertain you, they can also fill a large room from a big stage, and keep the crowd engaged and entertained.

   These guys all have full-time jobs, but they are still looking for more bookings. They’ve been very blessed since Staci at Suba booked them for their first show, she’s had them back regularly. They also play at other great local venues: Big Woody’s, Fenicci’s, Market Cross Pub, and the Vineyards at Hershey, just to name a few. They are confident that they can hold their own in any venue, big or small, and are looking forward to playing more shows throughout 2015. If you want a band in your venue, or private event, give these guys a call, you won’t be disappointed, 717-319-0202. You can check out their music for yourself at

   They are very excited how far they’ve already come and they can’t wait to see what’s going to happen for them throughout 2015. One thing for sure is they know they wouldn’t be anywhere without all of the great support from their family and friends. Scott wants to thank his girlfriend, Kristen Ruis, for encouraging him to get back out there and start playing, and for supporting him throughout the whole process. Jeff wants to thank his wife Lorrie for always supporting his musical endeavors, and cheering him on along the way. They also wanted to thank Staci at Suba for giving them their first shot, Shaun at Big Woody’s for booking them regularly, John Christopher of the Vineyards at Hershey, the Pomfret Group, and Market Cross Pub all for giving them great opportunities to share their music with their fans, and last but not least all of their fans for showing up and supporting them at all of their shows. On Thursday, January 8th, they will be playing as a featured Open Mic performer at the Susquehanna Ale House on 22 from 9:30 to 10pm. Come on out and check these guys out for yourself!

   You can check out Scott Peoples’s ad in this issue to see his full schedule with all of the important information to get him booked at your venue or private party. You can also find their CD, “This Moment” on iTunes, CD Baby, or pick one up at any of their shows. . You can also check out Scott Peoples online at, or on Facebook at