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Cover Story

Cover Photo By: Meredith Kaminek


Fierce… Unity, Soul, and a lot of Rock N’ Roll

 By: Rachel Rocks

   Fierce is a five piece all-female band based out of Lancaster, PA. Fierce has been rockin’ area stages for over four years and they are stronger than EVER! I’ve had the privilege of seeing Fierce quite a few times now, and I have to say there name definitely fits! They are INTENSE from the beginning to the bitter end of every show! Every performance is also very heartfelt whether they are covering Alanis Morissette, Led Zepplin, or even one of their rocking originals, it hits you to the core and you feel every note and emotion pouring out of them.

   Mary Emelio is their killer lead guitar player and also the ring master of the band. She does a great job at keeping everyone organized and doing all the booking and promoting, while also writing more awesome original music. Mary works hard at every angle, she got this band together in the very beginning and she is more than happy with how it’s going. Mary recently got back from playing in a tour over in London, England with The Octavia Blues Band. It was quite the experience and one she won’t forget in a long time. Playing with Octavia is always an amazing opportunity, but her true loyalty is with her Fierce ladies. She flew home from London and that same night turned around and played a full night at The Field House with Fierce, that shows complete dedication.

   Vicki Poole plays some wicked bass lines, even tho she is usually hiding towards the back of the stage, don’t let her fool you, she is Fierce in her own way. Have you seen her fretless bass?!? That thing is wicked in itself! Vicki always has a smile on her face enjoying every moment on the stage. She also does an amazing job at adding the dynamic to their harmonies with her back-up vocals. She’s been playing many different instruments for years, some nights she even pulls out her saxophone and starts wailing on that too. With all of her musical ability, Vicki is a great addition to helping to write their originals. Speaking of originals I was told they are hoping to have an original CD by the end of 2016!

   Since their last time on our cover back in December of 2013 Fierce has had a couple of changes. The first and a major change was a new lead singer, Marti Miller, has taken the stage! She’s been singing with the band now for about a year and a half, so she’s old news to the regular Fierce crowd. Marti has only been singing for about five years, her first priority was being a Mom, but now that the kids are all grown up, it’s time to be a ROCKER! Marti’s range and stage presence is unbelievable. She sings everything from female and male vocalists and everything from soul to rock. When I asked her what her favorite songs were to sing, she said, “If I’m sweatin’ and shaking when it’s over, it was a good song!” Obviously she likes to rock just like the rest of us. She thanks her Dad for her crazy streak, and her rock n’ roll influence, but she’s also lucky she grew up with a musical family and is blessed to have so many musicians in her life. Marti has brought a special kind of unity to the band. She absolutely loves the Fierce fans! She says, “They are all so awesome and supportive! They know how to make you feel good and they welcomed her right in with open arms. The fans are Fierce!”

   Their other very recent change is unfortunately Jacque (Jax) Lynch is leaving the band, she is moving to Arizona to live closer to family, and even tho she was their longest commuter, living all the way down in Delaware, Arizona is a little too far to commute. Fierce was Jax’s first full band experience, it’s been fun watching her blossom into a full blown rocker, even singing lead on a few songs thanks to the encouragement from Marti and Mary. Jax will be missed, and hopefully we will hear about her rocking with a new band once she gets settled. Fierce isn’t letting this slow them down, they already have a replacement for Jax, someone who definitely is not a new face to Fierce fans, Jody Lee, will be taking more of a full time spot, rockin’ the night away with a band she’s loved and supported for years!

   Jody is excited to continue on this adventure with the rest of the Fierce ladies. She has filled in on drums and she has also done some amazing Elvis impersonations from the stage. Jody is going to allow their drummer, Jerri Leininger, more time to move to the front of the stage and brush the dust off of her guitar, and she’ll also be singing some more lead vocals. Jerri has been the lead singer of a band before, so she is excited to be able to work all areas of the stage on a more regular basis. Jerri is an amazing drummer! She is a lot of times referred to as “Animal” from the muppets and I can see why. She is an animal! She keeps everyone on track and has a blast doing it! It’s fun watching her bang those drums, but it will be great seeing her be able to interact with the crowd even more. Jody will also be doing the same switching from percussionist to vocalist. These band changes will allow Fierce to do so much more as a band. They are all really looking forward to their new adventures.

   Fierce knows they wouldn’t be anything without their amazing fans and they definitely have them! Most of their fans are referred to as their “Fiercettes”. The few times I’ve seen them they always have their venues packed. The Field House is always standing room only and the dance floor is hopping! The fans are all having fun which makes it even easier for Fierce to be having a blast on stage. I was shocked at how crazy the fans go when Marti started singing “Ballroom Blitz” it definitely turned it into a Field House blitz for sure! I’m shocked people didn’t start dancing on the tables! Speaking of the Field House, they will be back there on November 21st. Get out there and see how Fierce they truly are, I guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed!

   Fierce also wanted to give a special shout out to Marti’s husband, Matthew. He does a great job running their sound when they need it. He is also a great roadie and even an electrician. He’s one of those guys that can just help you out with just about any problem you may have. Thanks Matthew for helping keep this band sounding great!

   Get out there and support these ladies! They play everyone from PA to Delaware and plenty of places in between. You can check out Fierce’s ad in this issue to see their full schedule. You can also check out their website at To get them booked at your venue, give Mary a call at 717-413-0204.