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Cover Story


Cover Photo By: Christine Charron

End of Silence… the ROCK is ROLLING AGAIN!

By: Rachel Rocks & Jeff Lawrence

   Late in 2012 and after a hiatus from playing live music, Tim Jesiolowski and Ed Piccolo decided to “end their silence” and throw their hats into the rock-n-roll ring again. The desire was to rock once again but the trick was finding the right people to bring the vision to light. With the addition of Trevor Schubert on vocals, Jeff Lawrence on bass and backing vocals, the fit was right and like a finely-tuned ’68 Dodge Charger, they were firing on all cylinders – the rock was rolling again. Armed with three-part vocal harmonies, heavy guitar presence, bombastic drumming and the will to turn the Central PA music scene on its head, End of Silence was born in early 2013….

   The band experienced a group epiphany in January 2015 when they shed the cocoon of being a standard central-PA rock and roll cover band and metamorphosed into a powerful riff-driven original music-making machine. They took pieces of their major influences – bands like Alice in Chains, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, and The Cult – and mashed them together in an unholy alliance, forming their own brand of monstrous rock songs ready to be blasted through headphones at ear-melting volumes. With limited time to actually get together to create their originals, they had to get “original” themselves and come up with creative ways to collaborate on songs. Tim has a touch of “music ADD”, but with Ed’s help, he is able to hone him in and together they find the main structure to their songs. Using great new technology like Beatcraft and Reaper they are able to digitally share track pieces with each other and they can all easily add to it from the comfort of their own homes, and finally Trevor comes up with the lyrics. Once they get all of their “pieces” that they are all comfortable with, they get together, and wham! A song is made!

   The driving force behind the change was the band’s guitarist, Tim Jesiolowski. After playing all over the central PA area for the better part of 20 years, Tim wanted to do something with more impact. “I was always tinkering with original material, but it wasn’t until I was playing out with these guys that I felt like I really had to get into a studio to record it and record it right” says Tim. “Ed’s drums, Trevor’s vocals, and Jeff’s bass brought the songs to life and I knew we had to give those songs their best shot at being heard. We had to record them someplace that could do them justice.”

   The band found their answer at Obscenic Arts Recording Studio run by Anthony Esposito in Dillsburg, PA. He immediately started putting his own unique twist on each song and over the next few months the songs became much more polished and complete. The end result is the band’s new EP, “Way of the World”, with five high-energy tracks. Now that they’ve finished one EP, they are hooked. Since interviewing the band they’ve recorded two new songs, “Revolution” and “Out of Your Mind” at Seventh Wave Studio in Palmyra. They were so dedicated they even recorded through Pennsylvania’s record-breaking snowstorm, ‘Jonas.’ While their songs are all guitar-driven, the band’s lead singer and front man, Trevor Schubert, comes up with lyrics and harmonic phrasings that more than compete for the listener’s interest.  Trevor translates those skill sets to the stage as well. During a typical End of Silence show Trevor will belt out vocals with prowess that turns heads and he is not afraid to roam out into the audience, or sing a few bars through a bullhorn, if that is what the moment calls for. “It’s all about getting the people to get up, get into it” Trevor says as he flips back his unruly mop of curly black hair, “every show is a party, right?” When I saw End of Silence performing at the Eagle Hotel in Fredericksburg I was amazed Trevor didn’t come out of there with stitches! The way he jumps around, and those ceilings are pretty low, I guess it’s good he has that curly hair, he can use it as a cushion, or maybe better, a helmet!

   For the moment End of Silence is content to party at local clubs in the Central PA area, but they plan on traveling to Philadelphia, Baltimore, and D.C. to find bigger stages and play with bigger acts. “At this point in our lives it’s no longer about living out of a van and touring for months at a time” says Tim, “but that doesn’t mean we can’t get some great music and live entertainment out there.” They are eagerly looking into licensing their music and hope they can eventually enjoy seeing some royalties. Even though these guys don’t get the chance to play hundreds of gigs a year, they take each gig they do get very seriously. They know that image is everything, and they try very hard to follow certain standards before they even take the stage. They also understand that the band has to set the mood for the night, they have to have the energy and have fun in the process! No matter how hard they try to make everything perfect, obstacles do arise, like when they blew up their PA in the middle of a show and they had to play through their bass amp and their megaphone the rest of the night. It was definitely a night to remember. They hope to make some more nights to remember at their Showcases for the Millennium Music Conference. They will be playing Friday, Feb. 19th at the Fieldhouse and Saturday, February 20th, they will be playing at Tubby’s.

   All good bands, have even better supporters, and that is definitely the case for End of Silence. Not only do they have amazing wives and family that has supported their musical endeavors for years, but also all of the club owners that have given them a chance, especially Mike Saphore at the Eagle Hotel in Fredericksburg. They’ve also tried having a second guitar player a couple times, one of those attempts was Terry White. He was a great influence on End of Silence’s whole style and he really helped them step up their game. He understood how each note of every instrument was created, and he made sure they were playing the songs correctly or they would do it again, and again. Terry moved on to other projects and then eventually Steve Junkins joined the group for a couple weeks. Steve is an amazing guy that definitely drew in quite a few new fans and “likes” on their Facebook page. Steve also still continues to help them get great gigs at different venues. They are very grateful for his continued support. Also Deuce Gibb and the entire Martini Bros. for sharing the stage and plenty of advice along the way. They also already have an amazing, official music video for their song “Heartbeat.” Their video was recorded by Erik Soulliard of Annubis Productions, it was a ton of fun to record, and they can’t wait to make more. Ed wanted to go back to when he was 15 and thank Wade Swanger for asking him to be the drummer for the band Axtress. They went on to win the 1984 York Battle of the Bands, it was his real taste of band life, and he’s loved drumming ever since! They are also thrilled that their original music is already being played on 92.1 WTPA’s Sunday Showcase with Uncle Harry, and Rob Simon’s “Under the Radar” show on 105.7 the X. There’s nothing quite like turning on the radio and hearing one of your songs! Last but not least, their fans, each and every one of them, for coming to shows, buying their music, requesting their songs, and just for all of the support and love.

   End of Silence has only scratched the surface on their musical journey. I’m sure you will be seeing a lot more of them in the near future. In the meantime check out their ad in this issue for their full schedule, and check them out online Make sure and checkout their Soundcloud page, it even has downloadable karaoke styles of their songs so you can sing along at their next show!