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Cover Story


Cover Photo By: Meredith Kaminek

Colt Wilbur Band… Country with a Kick!

 By: Rachel Rocks

   Every time I see the Colt Wilbur Band I can’t help but think of “passion”. When they are on the stage they put on such a great show that you can truly see their passion for their music coming out in the notes they play and sing. They’re not up there just to make a few extra bucks, they are up there to do what they truly love, and that is playing music.

   Colt Wilbur started out playing music back in High School. He was in a band and he just played the guitar, but one day they had their first gig all lined up and their singer got grounded, Colt had no choice, but to sing, and he’s been singing ever since! Colt first came on the scene as a solo performer. He was already getting some pretty good gigs, and he decided it was time to make a record. His first record, The Reckoning, needed some other musicians playing on some of the tracks. Luckily Colt knew Joe Cinn from work and invited him to play, which also eventually led to Ryan Frantz, and Jason Purcell playing on the record too. Colt loved the way it sounded and working with the guys, so they all decided to try their hand at a full band, and here they are two years later.

   Joe Cinn started playing guitar when he was 15 years old, but he’s been playing music since his elementary school days. Music was always an integral part of his life, but he didn’t choose to make music his career until after he graduated from Lebanon Valley College’s Music Recording Technology program. Since college he’s been teaching guitar lessons and working in a music store where he met Colt. When he started doing the studio work for Colt he didn’t think it would turn into a full band, but he’s glad it did.

   Ryan Frantz’s music journey started when he found his Mom’s acoustic guitar in a basement closet. As soon as he found it he became obsessed, playing it all the time. He would imagine it was an electric guitar so he could be a true punk rocker. It wasn’t until he was 18, when he saw his friend’s Dad playing a bass like no one he had ever seen before, and since that day, he knew the bass was for him. He also went to LVC to study Music Business and Jazz Performance for Bass. Ryan is an amazing bass player, plus he does a great job keeping the band grounded.

   Jason Purcell is lucky he came from a very musical family. He plays every show in honor of his Uncle Scott and his Grandpa, Arthur Whitman. Jason has been slammin’ skins for over half of his life. After he saw his Uncle Scott jamming away with his band, he was hooked! Don’t let being in a country band fool you, Jason has Metal running through his blood, his musical influences are Lamb of God, Hatebreed, Periphery, just to name a few. At every show I’ve been to, I’ve seen Jason turn into a head bangin’ metal drummer for at least a song or two. He lets the energy build up for so long, but after a while he just has to let it out!

   As you can see they all have a pretty diverse take on music, but somehow they’ve all formed together into the Colt Wilbur Band. A lot of people tend to peg the them as a country band, but really there is a lot more to them than that. Yes, they do play country, like Waylon Jennings, Stoney Larue, and all the good ole’ classic country classics that everyone loves, but they also know how to let loose, kick off their boots and play some good rock music too! Like Joe said, “We’re not really county, not really rock.. We just play music!” It’s very true, one thing for sure is they play music and they do a heck of a good job doing it!

   They are currently working on their first full band album. They are hoping it’s going to be done by the end of Summer, but good things come to those who wait, but lets hope we’re not waiting too long! I’ve been told that the new record is 180 degrees different from The Reckoning, mainly because the full band is working on it together. There has been a lot more personal touch put into each of the songs. Colt is still writing all of the lyrics, but each guy definitely has his own stamp on each song. I know I’m looking forward to their next album and I’m sure their fans are too!

   I’ve been to a few different Colt Wilbur Band shows, but one thing for sure is that it’s always a fun night of music with a great crowd of people supporting them. They have an amazing fan base that supports them wherever they go. Last year they played in Nashville for the American Country Star competition and they had 50 or 60 people that drove or flew the 12 hours down there to support them. People came from Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, and obviously Pennsylvania. They are pleasantly surprised by all of their support. Some of their biggest supporters are Dani, Terry, and Michael. All three of them make being in a band easy. They tell ya where to be, and help you out when you get there. Promoting their shows like crazy along the way.

   Speaking of shows, they’ve had quite a few great opportunities over the past 2 years. They’ve opened for some big acts: David Allan Coe, Parmalee, Kix Brooks, just to name a few, they’ve had radio interviews on Nash 106.7 with Chachi Angelo, they were an American Country Star World Finalist down in Nashville, and just last week they made it through the first round of Hard Rock Rising down in Baltimore! They actually play again on Thursday, April 4th for the next round, check out their Facebook page for all the details. On the day of my interview with them, they just got done performing live on ABC27’s, Good Day PA. These guys are definitely busy playing everywhere they possibly can, and enjoying every minute along the way.

   They wanted to send out a very HUGE Thank you to all of their families and fans! (Also known as their extended family) They know they wouldn’t be anywhere without them. They also love the fact that their fans do truly enjoy their music. They’re not just there because “they have to be” they are there because they want to be. Their line dancing fans are truly amazing, they can dance to anything and everything which is perfect for the Colt Wilbur Band. They play music to make people happy, and they are definitely doing that with each and every note!

   Check out their ad in this issue for all of their upcoming shows and “Like” their Facebook page at for all their latest updates. I hope to see you kickin’ up your heels at a show soon!