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Cover Story


Cover Photo and Live Shots By: Nicole Brennan

Fell From Zero… Ready to Rock a Stage Near You…

  Fell From Zero has been playing area stages for almost three years, and they are hoping that 2017 is their best year yet! All of the guys in the band have years of stage experience and some of them currently play in other bands, but their intense love for heavier rock and metal music brought them all together to create Fell From Zero. Luckily they all knew each other’s strength, talents, and abilities, so it was just a matter of a few phone calls until Fell from Zero was born.

bob   Bob Patterson is the man behind the mic, singing songs that not many bands can pull off in this area, especially an entire night of songs from bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine, and more! He makes it look so easy, even as the veins are popping out of his neck! Don Price rips away on the guitar along with Donny Swigart, both guitar players switch between leads, and sometimes play simultaneously just to amaze their audience even more. Having two guitar players adds so much more texture to every song, really giving it that hard rock feel. Finishing up the band is Andy Brightbill laying down the bass lines and Jake Gochenaur banging out the beats. Jake also pretty much shares some of the lead vocal responsibilities while he’s banging away, but he also can add in those guttural screams to help finish off the much needed part of any hard rock/metal band. One thing about every member of Fell From Zero is their stage presence is off the chain! Their number one goal is to play songs that entertain the masses, and I have to say, they do a pretty darn good job.

   Speaking of entertaining the masses, covers are definitely their main focus of their shows, people love what theyjake already know, so they do focus on that. They are constantly adding in new songs to their set list. They even cover a few surprises that they most definitely make their own, one crowd favorite surprise is ‘Blank Space’ by Taylor Swift (metalled up, of course). It is truly unlike any Taylor Swift song you’ve heard, but I promise you, you will be amazed. ‘Freak on a Leash’ by Korn is another crowd favorite that gets them up and dancing or at the very least bopping along in their seats. To explain how hard this band likes to be, their favorite cover songs to play are ‘Psychosocial’ by Slipknot and ‘Ballast’ by Nothingmore.

   donnyFell From Zero has also been working on writing originals. As long time musicians, original songs are always bouncing around in their heads. Their first official original, ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ was written as a collaboration. Don Price (DP) wrote it and recorded the main riff one night, and Donny Swigart helped him come up with the remaining parts. They have a few more nearly completed originals that they hope to finish up very soon. All of their originals have pretty much been a collaboration where they are constantly bouncing ideas off of each other. The final piece to their song is when Bob writes the lyrics to put their final piece on their puzzles. They are currently recording three of their originals for a demo, and they hope to have it in everyone’s hands very soon.

   They do have a few shows lined up already in 2017, but they are constantly looking for more dates and new venuesdon to play in, they are also more than happy to play House Parties, and any private events. In January they are playing at Johnny Joe’s in Mechanicsburg on the 7th, the 20th they will be at Fat Daddy’s in York, and on January 21st they will be at the Riverside Camping Association in Lancaster. They will also be playing at Gettysburg Rocks the first weekend in February, time and location will be announced soon. You can check out their facebook page at or their main website,, for all of the last minute, up to date details. Fell From Zero is represented by DenMother Music. You can reach them at 717-801-9782 to get Fell From Zero booked at your venue or private event.

   Like Bob says at every show, “Without the support of our people, we’d just be 5 guys jamming in a garage andysomewhere…” They want to send out a special thank you to all of their families, friends, and fans that have supported them along the way. One very special person they need to thank is their original bass player Brian Troup. This band and its core concepts were his idea, and they wouldn’t be a band or even having this article written if it weren’t for him.

   Fell From Zero is working very hard at fine tuning every song so they can entertain the masses to their full potential. They wouldn’t be doing what they are doing if they didn’t have a crowd to entertain. If you want to get them booked at your venue give DenMother Music a call at 717-801-9782.