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Cover Story

Introducing Yak Bone…

Cover Story and Photos by: Rachel Rocks

  Yak Bone? Who is Yak Bone? Well, let me tell you, Yak Bone is a perfect example that it’s never too early to start promoting your band. As soon as you have confidence that you can get out there and play to a crowd, you have to let people know you exist, you have to prove that you are confident enough in your abilities to rock the world one gig at a time, that you are willing to promote yourself! Some people might say they are putting the cart before the Yak, but you have to get started somewhere. They did start quite a while ago, they’ve been practicing as a trio and developing their set list for almost a year.

   Patty Wilson and Rochelle Smith have been good friends and band mates for quite a few years. One day they were shopping at The Green Dragon in Lancaster, and there was a lady selling jewelry made out of Yak Bones. As soon as they saw it they said, “Yak Bone would be a cool name for a band.” That gave them just the itch they needed to get their project started. They immediately reached out to their long time friend and fellow musician, Sandi Robinson, about joining them, and her response was, well “yeah.. duh!” and from then on Yak Bone has been carving their way to being a successful acoustic trio.

   Rochelle (Ro) is loving the opportunity to occasionally put down the heavy, electric guitar and play her very light six string acoustic guitar. She is still playing the electric guitar in her other band, Take 147. Since Take 147 isn’t playing as often as they used to, Ro had too much free time and decided she needed another project to work on. Patty, the percussion princess, is also taking a break from rockin’ out on her full kit and plays the d’jembe, and many other small percussion instruments throughout the show. She also still rocks out on the full kit with her other band, Amanda & the Noise. Last but not least, with the most strings, is Sandi and her 12 string baby. Sandi has played with Dirty Little Secret, and also has another band with her friend Rachel, Sxrchxx. None of them are leaving their previous projects, they are just adding another band to their repertoire. Ro is the main lead vocalist, but Patty does sing quite a few songs too. Ultimately they want to get Sandi singing too, but right now she is just focusing on all of those strings!

   For the interview, I was able to go hang out with them at their practice. Just from the décor of their practice space, I could tell they were going to be an interesting bunch, with everything from mermaids to skulls, and all kinds of stuff in between hanging on the walls and on the shelves. They also had many different types of instruments, so I’m sure in the future it wouldn’t be too shocking if some of their songs include some ukulele, bass, or even click tracks. They try to practice weekly as much as possible so they can constantly be learning new songs. They pretty much play anything and everything fast or slow, old or new, from the 70’s all the way up to today. They are trying to play different songs than all of their other projects, but some do overlap, they are just different versions of the songs since this is solely an acoustic project. They are also working on originals! Ro already wrote one new song, but they also play “Lonely Girl” from her band Take 147, since Ro did write that one. Patty is also working on originals. She recently got her own studio program on her laptop that she’s been having fun recording and overlapping multiple tracks and keeping things interesting and crazy! One thing they are hoping to do is keep their show very interactive and fun! They don’t want to be a stuffy dinner hour acoustic act, they want to be the “Happy Ending” after show! This project is all about having fun! None of them would’ve joined an “extra” project if it wasn’t going to be fun and different.

   They actually don’t have their first official show until November 11th with Fierce and On-Stride at the Hurricane Pizza Grill in Columbia. We know that is a very long time away from now, but in the mean time they plan on hitting up some open mics and getting their show on the road! They really are just getting started, but they really hope by promoting their show they will get even more shows booked the rest of the year, and even through 2018! The best part about having just a little acoustic act there are so many more venues to play at. The big stages are getting fewer and farther in between. If you are really impatient, you can catch Patty’s band, Amanda & the Noise, October 20th, at the Kaleidoscope in Lancaster, or you can catch Ro’s band, Take 147, at Joe K’s Brewhouse on Union Deposit here in Harrisburg, on October 27th. If you would like to get Yak Bone booked at your venue or special event, you can reach out to Ro on Facebook Messenger through their facebook page: You can also reach them via e-mail at

   They wanted to make sure and thank all of their amazing wives for supporting them starting yet another project! It really means a lot to them all to have love and support from their family and friends. We haven’t quite figured out a name for their fans yet, calling them “Boners” doesn’t seem quite appropriate, but I’m sure they will figure out something clever as they get to know them a little bit better. Til then people it’s time to “Bone Up!” Check them out at, become their friend and check out their video clips, trust me this crew knows how to make you laugh!