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Cover Story

The Pennsylvania Musician Magazine

                          THE AGENTS OF LEWTON..

                           SUITED UP AND READY TO ROCK!

Photos & Article by Rachel Rocks

   The Agents of Lewton have been rocking stages throughout central PA for almost exactly a year. Mark Sutherland Sr. and Cameron Deveney started jamming together and before too long they decided it was time to put a project together. Mark knew a guy he thought would work as their lead singer and it wound up being David Snyder. David and Cameron performed together in a band called Thing 3, so they knew they enjoyed playing together. They put out word they were looking for a drummer and before too long Freddy Boom BoomMurphy showed up. Mark played in a previous band with Freddy, so he was excited when he applied for the position. They brought him in for an audition and they knew instantly that their team of Agents was complete.

   When they had all of their pieces they started kicking around band names and Cameron quickly came up with Agents of Lewton. “Lewton” comes from the term ‘Lewton Effect’ from horror movies in the 1940’s. It was used when the writer wanted to throw people off their path. It was usually the cool, fun and surprising part of the movie. Just like the Agents of Lewton’s shows are also very fun and surprising!

   Mark, or Agent M, had the idea they should all “suit up” and wear suits at every show. Mark says, Wearing suits makes you feel empowered! They are out there rescuing their fans, orspecial agents from the perils of everyday life. Plus, when they are all suited up it helps people realize they really do mean business, and they take their band very seriously. They put lots of thought and action behind every idea.

   Agents of Lewton surprise you from the very beginning of every show, especially if you are seeing them for the first time like I was at The Racehorse Tavern. When you see them all in suits walking around, you can’t help but instantly think, Blues Brothers, but when they start knocking out Blockbuster rock ‘n’ roll, people are pleasantly surprised, well at least I know I was! Their opening songs are usually some Queen and Whitesnake which is another crowd shocker, from then on out it’s off to the races with some all-out pedal to the metal rock ‘n roll!

   For their shows they have a general idea of how the set is going to go, but really they leave it up to theirSpecial Agents. David, “Agent D, does a great job at reading the crowd and keeping the song selections flowing to keep the people up dancing and having a great time. He’s also a big multi-tasker because while he’s figuring all of that out, he’s also the lead singer and bassist. “Agent Mis an amazing guitar player with awesome charisma that brings their Special Agents to the dance floor, people are simply mesmerized by his talent! Cameron, Agent C”, is all over the room with his wireless guitar, making sure no Special Agents are left behind. He brings the party to all parts of the club, he’s even been known to climb on tables from time to time. Don’t let Freddy Boom, BoomMurphy fool you, he might be stuck behind those drums, but he’s still having the time of his life! His smile is contagious as he effortlessly bangs on his drums, adding in the perfect beat to every song.

   Agents of Lewton are definitely not new to the central PA music scene. They’ve been around and they’ve seen and heard a lot, but yet they keep coming back for more. They aren’t here to make a million, but they are here to have fun and make sure everyone who comes out is having a fun night too! Back when they first picked up an instrument in their teenage days it was euphoric just getting to play on stage. Now, years later, it still is! That’s what they want, they want every night to be amazing. They want to make sure they continue to enjoy doing what they are doing or there is no use in doing it! Also as long as their Special Agents keep coming out to their shows, they will continue to perform for them. Music brings people together and that’s exactly what they want, people getting together and having a good time! If you would like to get out and have a good time, they have two shows coming up soon: June 4th at the Glad Crab with Backseat Houligans and/or July 2nd at the Bourbon Bar and Grill in Hanover.

   Speaking of a good time, Agents of Lewton would like to thank everyone who has supported them along this journey: First and most important is their FANS! (a.k.a. Special Agents). They are truly working for them, they are what make or break a band. If you can build up a good fan base, everything else seems easy! Also super thanks to all the clubs who have booked them this past year. They feel as though they’ve developed some great relationships and they look forward to developing even more! Last, but not least is their girlfriends. They come to their shows and put up with sleepless nights and sleepy days, and everything in between. At most shows you will see theirSpecial Ladies” up there dancing with them and supporting them every way they possibly can.

   Last but not least I would also like to include an intro that was written by one of the “Super Special Agents”, Paul J. He wrote this little snippet about Agents of Lewton and every chance he can, he comes to their show and gives them a proper introdution of who and what the Agents of Lewton really are….

In 1942 RKO Pictures contracted Val Lewton to make horror movies and he revolutionized the genre into what we know today. What most people dont know, is that Lewton also trained up an army of agent musiciansto tour the country, entertaining the public with hard-driving rock. Pop and hip-hop killed off most of those agents but four of them survived and making their debut on the Cover of PA Musician Magazine are: Agents M and C on guitar, Agent B on drums and pluckinand slappinand singinhis little heart out right up front is Agent D on bass and lead vocals. Ladies and Gentlemen, the eternal souls of rock and roll…AGENTS OF LEWTON!   

   The Agents of Lewton are here to rescue you us from the perils of a boring life! Get out there and see these guys, I’m sure you will have a rockin’ good time. For their most up to date schedule, you can find them at, or on their website,