A Sonic Odyssey: Above The Treachery’s Rise from the Depths

Above the Treachery

In the heart of Pennsylvania, a musical revolution is brewing. Formed in 2021 as a sanctuary for disillusioned musicians, Above The Treachery has evolved into a powerhouse of sound, melding elements of alt-metal, metalcore, thrash, nu-metal, and prog-metal. A fusion where In Flames meets Killswitch Engage, their music is a testament to the diverse influences and backgrounds of its members and the outcome will leave you in a disillusion of metal infusion like no other. 

Above the Treachery was born out of a shared desire to escape the pressures and competition of the music industry. Comprising musicians who had tasted the bitterness of failure, the band prioritized enjoyment over fame, They were just looking for a good time, The result? A collective of passionate individuals dedicated to creating music and a style that melts into a sound and experience that is always growing and changing. 

The band’s lineup underwent several changes, each iteration refining their synergy and contributing to the unique sound they now proudly call their own. Drawing from diverse influences, they found their sonic identity—a potent blend that captivates audiences and leaves you wanting more

February 2023 marked the release of their five-song demo, “Year One: The First Year,” offering a glimpse into the band’s early creative exploration.  Learning from the process left them thirsty for more and in July 2023, they unleashed their debut LP, “Hope You Rot” an eleven-track sonic journey that showcased their maturing sound.

Both albums were engineered, produced, and mastered, under the watchful eyes of Dave Moore and Joey Jados,  They are both using the band as an opportunity to enhance their audio production skills. The albums stand as a testament to their commitment to quality, and as there skills grow they hope to offer local bands another option for recording on a budget. 

The guys are currently working on their next album, slated for release in late 2024 or early 2025, Above The Treachery continues to push boundaries, exploring new sonic territories and expanding into video as well.  They already have some great Live videos and lyric videos along with some super cool “Street fighter arcade style” cartoon video shorts on the Youtube.  Dave ,who is trained in Adobe Animation and After Effects, brought their comedic promos and videos to life. Dave, a webmaster and creator by trade, along with Joey hope to create full music videos for the band in 2024. Applying the same determination and learn as you go process just like the albums. As they continue to experiment and evolve we can all be sure to see some big things out of Above the Treachery in the coming months. 

Above The Treachery has left an indelible mark on stages across Pennsylvania and beyond. From venues like HMAC, XL Live, Reverb, Phantom Power, The Kennel, Johnny Joes, Underground Live, The Church, Lovedrafts Mechanicsburg and Cafe 611 along with joining the Chaos and Carnage Tour, Maryland Doomfest and the Launch Music Fest.  they’ve shared their sonic journey with audiences far wide but they call The Kennel in York home base at the moment. 

Their live performances, infused with energy and passion, has given them opportunities to share the stage with national acts such as River of Nihil, Suicide Silence, Carnifex, Lorna Shore, Upon a Burning Body and in the early days Flaw, Hed PE, Mushroom Head and Eve to Adam among others. All these shows have helped hone their craft and led them to where they are now focusing on making music that makes them happy and not worrying about the mainstream. 

The band’s diverse lineup reflects the melting pot of talent that defines Above The Treachery:

Dave Moore (Vocals) – A Perry County native and metal scene veteran since 2000, Dave started out cutting his teeth by studying local party and cover bands Les Darian, Adrian Blitzer, Dingleberry Shortcake, Spinebelt among others and is the founding member and driving force behind the band. When not commanding the stage, he serves as a full-time sound engineer at The Kennel @ West York Inn and is on the path to opening his own music studio in Newport.  Dave has also joined the PA Musician family as our webmaster/designer in 2023.

Josh Grady (Drums) – Born in Boston in 1979, moved to Baltimore in 1990 and now residing in York, Josh has been a rhythmic force since 1991. His journey in drumming started at the age of 13, and under the mentorship of Percussionist Dave Hershey since 2021, has been learning advanced snare rudiments and jazz drumming patterns, he has evolved into a seasoned drummer who has shared stages with national acts as well as co founding Above the Treachery with Singer Dave Moore. 

Joey Jados (Guitar) – A Chicago native, Joey is the band’s DIY record producer and engineer. Specializing in guitar tones and venturing into multi-genre musical endeavors, Tech Death is his “Go To”. His ultimate goal is to embark on a national tour as a hired gun guitarist or bassist.

Shane Lockett (Bass) – Joining the band in May 2023, Shane brings a new dimension to their sound, anchoring the rhythm with his bass lines. Just your typical mysterious Bass player blasting the beats off those strings. 

Adam Goudy (Guitar and Vocals) – A seasoned guitarist with roots in the local music scene since the 2000s, Started his musical journey playing violin in school he soon moved to guitar for obvious reasons and has been playing ever since.  

After finding his spot with Dreams of Eden and meeting Dave it was a natural transition on joining him on his journey with Above The Treachery and is a continuation of a musical partnership that has spanned several bands and years. starting in 2018. 

The camaraderie among these musicians extends beyond the stage, fostering an environment where creativity flourishes, and the pursuit of musical excellence is paramount.

As Above The Treachery continues to redefine their musical boundaries, their journey unfolds as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and a genuine love for the craft. With new albums and video releases on the horizon and an unwavering commitment to both visual and auditory exploration, the band invites fans to join them on a sonic odyssey that transcends the conventional.

In the heart of central, Pennsylvania, Above The Treachery is not just a band; they are architects of an evolving musical landscape—a force to be reckoned with and a testament to the enduring spirit of artistic expression. As their story continues to unfold, one thing is certain: Above The Treachery is a name you won’t soon forget you can find them at:

instagram: abovethetreacheryband
facebook: abovethetreachery
youtube: abovethetreachery