Cover Story – March 2022 – The Roof Band

Cover Story and Photos By: Chris Rider

Waynestock XXIII is coming up soon, June 3-5th, and it’s bigger and better than ever. What started as a group of 40 or so friends going on whitewater rafting trip has turned into an epic weekend festival that offers all kinds of outdoor adventures and live music in an unforgettable setting.

In 2020 The Roof was scheduled to play at Waynestock, opening for Yam Yam. The band was doing very well in the State College area, and we were all looking forward to it. The bands were booked in the fall of 2019, before anyone even heard the word Covid. Well, we all know what happened in late February of 2020. The world went into lockdown. We all spent months in near isolation, just waiting for the weather to break, so we could get outside and feel a sense of freedom from our cocoons.

The Waynestock crew debated if the event should even happen. Many others decided to cancel. The decision was made to carry on, as it is an outdoor event in the mountains of WV. Just 4 days before the start of Waynestock XXI, the Governor of WV shut down all live music. Indoor or outdoor. Most of the production and stage crew were already on their way. Obviously, this changed everything.

Two members of The Roof (Francis and Sklar) came anyway, and brought guitars and a hand drum. Much to the delight of everyone, starving for some live music, they performed outside by the campfire. It was truly a joy to just see and hear a live performance after being deprived of it, for what felt like an eternity. The two boys killed it. The raspy, soulful voice that belted out from Francis was jaw dropping, and Sky (who is the bands drummer) played guitar and filled the air with some tasty harmonies to compliment his lead singer. We were all hooked.

The decision was made to bring the band back the following year to headline Waynestock XXII. The coveted Saturday night closer spot… They were psyched, as was everyone in attendance.

Despite a few mishaps with generators, the music was exactly what the doctor ordered. We were all treated to such great acts from across the US. On Saturday night, The Roof took the stage and immediately captivated everyone there. About 20 minutes into their performance, the sound shut off, the lights went down, and the stage was silent and black. We all assumed there was an issue with the generator and a few staff people ran back to check on it. That’s when they were confronted with the owner of the camp ground, who unplugged the main feed, shutting it all down. Apparently, he decided this was the time to enforce some unknown noise statute in the town a few miles away. Much to the shock of everyone there, the show was over, just like that.

The boys managed to pull together and give the disappointed fans a more intimate fireside, acoustic show. They never complained, and truly made the best of a bad situation.

Now, it’s 2022. Waynestock XXIII is a few months away, and a few things have changed. Waynestock moved to a new location, and The Roof was asked to return for what would be their 3rd time. Of course, there is no other place for them but the Saturday night headliner spot.

We are all anxious to finally get to see the full extent of what they have in their arsenal. Recently they released a single titled “We sure did”. Well, maybe they did, but they ain’t done yet. Not at Waynestock.

Other bands that are scheduled include (but not limited to!): Abby Bryant & The Echoes, Seldom Said No, Snatch the Snail, Nicole June, The Liftoff, Alyssa Hankey, Big Gorgeous, and Ben Brandt & The Soul Miners Union.

The new venue, Cantrell Ultimate Rafting, is excited to have Waynestock and offers a ton of outdoor adventures to partake in during the day. Not only offering whitewater rafting, they offer 2 stages as well as an indoor venue for late night entertainment, a great bar and restaurant. The entire property is reserved for the festival which is a first and very exciting change for Waynestock as well. Craft beer will be provided on-site once again by HiJinx brewing company including a refreshing Session Pale Ale surprisingly called “Waynestock Pale Ale”. You can’t help but have an awesome weekend at this event!

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