Cover Story – April 2022 – Tommy B

Whoo-Hoo.. is Tommy B?

By: Rachel Rocks

Tommy B is originally from Bristol County, MA. When he first came to Carlisle, he used to go into the Carlisle Eagles Club with his stepdad, Jon, they called him Boston Jon, and referred to Tommy as Tommy Boston, and later shortened it to Tommy B. Needless to say the name stuck, and when he signed up for his first open mic he used the name Tommy B, and the rest is history. You can find him on all of the social networks using the full name, Tommy B Entertainment.

Tommy B started playing guitar in 2009, but didn’t start playing out in front of the public until January of 2021. Tommy wasn’t really expecting much that first year, but before he knew it, he wound up playing 53 shows! He wasn’t even really “ready” to start playing his own shows, but one night he decided to stop in to the Shermans Creek Inn for Colby Dove’s open mic, Tommy played 3 songs, and he was hooked! Before he knew it, Troy, from the Shermans Creek Inn was booking him for his 1st show! It all seemed to move so quickly! Now, here we are a year later, and he already has over 64 shows booked for 2022, and he’s on his road to 100 Shows!! That’s right! In 2022, his goal is 100 shows! Help him reach his goal, you can give him a call to get him booked at your venue or private party, 717-462-1300.

I had the privilege of going to see Tommy B perform at Buddy Boy Winery. He could easily be classified as a one man band. He plays on a 12-String guitar, while sitting on a cajon, that he plays with a kick pedal, but it’s also attached to an effects pedal, so he has a cowbell and a cymbal he can also play with his feet! Meanwhile, he also has special effects on his voice, and he has a looper pedal! There is so much happening all at once, it’s overwhelming to watch, I can’t imagine trying to play it all, and sing at the same time! Those were the only instruments I saw that night, but I’m also told he can play the ukulele, bass, omni-chord and keyboard. He also plays a large variety of songs and he has an amazing range. At Buddy Boy I heard everything from Blister in the Sun, where the crowd was yelling, “More Cowbell” all the way to Pat Benetar, John Denver, Rio from Duran Duran, and even some Sweet Dreams made even sweeter on the looper machine. Tommy got a great response from the crowd and the owner, so much so, that she had her scheduling book open before he even set down his guitar, to book him for more shows through the end of the year. On a side-note of Tommy, he is obsessed with owls: he wears a great big owl ring, his guitar strap is owls, he brings special owl artwork to his shows, and he even has a tip jar made of owls with a sign that says, “Please feed the owls!”

Not only does Tommy cover a lot of music, but he also sneaks in a few originals. He is currently working on his own EP, and he’s also recording an EP with one of his friends, Jake Hebert. Jake and Tommy are huge Simon & Garfunkel fans, so their EP will have 3 cover songs, and 2 originals. Tommy and Jake have been friends for years, and have played tons of music together, so this seemed like the perfect thing for them to do next. Tommy also fills in with Joe Cooney & Friends on drums. His original and favorite instrument will always be the drums! Plus, he likes sitting behind the kit and just jamming out without having an overwhelming amount of responsibility!

When Tommy isn’t busy writing and playing music, he also has his own YouTube Channel where he hosts a weekly show that airs a new episode every Monday called, The Scene with Tommy B. You can check out past episodes and catch all the new ones at He is currently scheduling interviews with artists, influencers, etc. He films everything in advance, so you don’t have to worry about stumbling through uncomfortable moments! If you want to sit down and talk to Tommy B, give him a call, and he’ll be glad to get you on his schedule. I’ll be sitting down with Tommy at the end of the month. I’m looking forward to talking to him about How to help a photographer make you look like a rockstar! Every episode is completely different, make sure and check it out!

Tommy has quite a few shows coming up in April: the 14th he’s at The Bus in Burnham, the 15th he’s at Thirsty Farmer in Biglerville at 5pm, Fri. April 22nd at The Eagles in Carlisle at 7:30, and April 23rd he’ll be banging the drums with Joe Cooney & Friends at the Copper Pub in Harrisburg. Whoo-Hoo knows, I’m sure he already added even more shows, you can check out his full schedule, and even listen to some music at

Being a musician takes up tons of time and energy, and Tommy B wouldn’t be able to do what he does without the amazing support from his Girlfriend, Parents, and his beautiful Daughter. She is his #1 cheerleader!

If you’d like to get Tommy B scheduled at your venue or private party and help him reach 100 shows in 2022, you can give him a call at 717-462-1300, or email:, or you could always send a Messenger Owl!