Cover Story – Dec. 2021 – Gemini

Gemini Acoustic Duo: Modern Rock to Country with a Unique Twist

Cover Story By; Rachel Rocks

Cover Photo By: Kaelin Clements of Kaelin: Mind, Body, Soul

Gemini is an acoustic duo based out of Lebanon, that plays a full range of popular songs, from Classic and Modern Rock to Country with a unique blend of styles. Whether you like to sing along, dance or just kick back and enjoy the music, they have something to make sure everyone is having a good time.

Jeff DeMatteo and Missy O’Brien were lucky enough to find each other on Bandmix in February of 2020. When they first got together they instantly hit it off and between both of their previous band experiences they were bouncing songs off of each other, and quickly realized this was going to be way easier than they thought, it just seemed natural. Speaking of natural, no, they are not twins, and they are not even brother and sister, just two musicians that connected on Bandmix. They quickly got their first show at Johnny & Hons Smokehaus in Robesonia, and their 1st gig went great, they even got not only one, but two bookings for future shows, and then, as fast as it all began, Covid hit. They took the first few months of Covid to work on learning even more songs and fine tuning their set list. But as soon as they heard venues were booking outdoor shows, they were back at it. Of course it seemed like the Summer of 2020 was the hottest Summer ever, especially July. The baking hot shows were not easy, but they were determined to play, so that’s what they did. When it got too cold in the Winter they took another break, but they came out in full force in March of 2021. With already a year of playing and practicing together, they knew 2021 would be their year. They have been very fortunate that so far everywhere they’ve played, they’ve been invited back for future shows, and before they knew it their calendar was getting filled up! They were excited when they even started booking shows into 2022.

Jeff and Missy are willing to play just about anywhere for anyone. They have quite a few regular gigs they do, but one of their favorites is even playing nursing homes. Missy took voice lessons and she is able to sing everything from opera to rock n’ roll. She had some experience playing the classic classics while singing with the After Hours Big Band, Missy isn’t the only one that does all the singing though, Jeff does his fair share too. When he breaks out Sinatra in the nursing homes, the women swoon! At regular shows Jeff also sings Bob Seger, Mellencamp, and Eddie Vedder just to name a few.. While Missy is belting out great songs from Jewel, Alanis, Blind Melon, and many more. They also sing a lot of songs together where they will take turns singing the verses, or just doing harmonies at different parts through the songs. They definitely know how to keep their sets interesting! Ya just never know what they’re going to sing next. Missy also sneaks in some harmonica playing on a few songs, it’s not too often you see a woman blowing on a harp, as a matter of fact I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that Out and About, but Missy loves throwing that surprise in there during their shows.

Missy has been performing with different bands since she was 17. Although Jeff didn’t start learning to play guitar til later in life, he doesn’t let that stop him. He’s not afraid to learn new songs, he actually thrives from it. Covid unfortunately took away Jeff’s job, but he’s enjoyed the life of being a full time musician. Everything that happens you have to do your best to find the silver lining, and that’s exactly what Jeff has done. He’s taken advantage of his free time to help promote and develop Gemini into what and who they are today. In today’s crazy and sometimes turbulent times, they both feel it is very important to make sure every song touches people in such a way that it brings up happy memories and makes people smile, remembering the good times. They want to make sure everyone leaves with a warm heart and a big smile on their face!

As with all musicians Gemini would be nowhere without their awesome friends, family and fans. Playing music wouldn’t be any fun without having someone to play to. They are truly grateful to everyone for all of their support in their musical journey. Jeff wanted to mention he will forever be grateful for the late, great Bob Morris, formerly of Smokin Gunnz. When Jeff was first starting out on the scene Bob showed him the ropes and how to survive the crazy central PA Music scene. Bob still motivates Jeff to this day, and encourages him to just keep going, and to do what you love. Missy wanted to thank her parents for introducing her to music and for always encouraging her to explore her talents.

If you would like to get Gemini booked at your venue or special event, please give Jeff a call at 717-507-2299. You can also keep an eye on their schedule in this magazine, or on Facebook at