Editor’s Ramblings – April 2020

By: Josh Noll

Wow what a difference a month can make. To say things will never be the same after COVID-19 is most likely a true statement. Will the music world survive? Yes it will. In the 38 years that the paper has been alive this is the first time that we are not printing and distributing a hard copy but we will publish the usual digital issue. The choice to do an online only issue was a very hard decision. With most of our delivery locations closed and with lockdown now extending to the end of April, there really was no other choice. I looked into a smaller print run but most of the cost is involved in the setup of the press not the amount printed. I would like to thank all our supporters for sticking with us and still advertising. Without them I would be living in a van down by the river when this is all over. Which actually doesn’t sound too bad, haha.

One thing is certain, music will survive. In fact if you have just been watching the news, or sharing fake news posts on your facebook, you might be missing out. There is a whole new way in which you can still enjoy live music. Yes, Live Streams! While live streams are far from new they have found a new foothold in the music community. Instead of sitting around complaining, a lot of musicians have picked up the cameras and continued with their craft. Adding virtual tip jars to their live streams is also taking off and helping support starving musicians in this crazy new world of reaching their fans and acquiring new fans.

When the “Shit” hit the fan, one of the first bands to keep us entertained was Six Bar Break. Ben and the boys have been doing live streams and videos for awhile so it was pretty easy for them to start streaming shows right away. I watched the first one of there quarantine live streams and I must say it was a great time. I got to watch it along with the famous Rachel Rocks! It is always fun watching live music with my little sister even if we are miles apart and only connected through our computer screens. Smashing the like button at the end of songs is the new virtual applause. I have been trying to catch as many live streams as I can since this all started and I have to admit that I’ve seen way more musicians this month then I would have otherwise. Six Bar Break will be live streaming for the masses through this whole ordeal so please keep an eye on there facebook page @Sixbarbreak for more live streams.

Another group to step up right away was The Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame and Keystone Amplifiers. They started a live stream series aptly named The Quarantine Live Streams. They will be hosting live streams with virtual tip jars for as long as needed to help out the local music scene.

I have watched a bunch of Live Streams now and I must say I have seen a ton of great musicians. Including Kevin Cole, Shine Delphi, Cody Wilt, and John Rossey. All of them did a great job with my favorite performance from John Rossey. I really was into his style of playing and banter. I thought he really did a great live stream. You can check him out @johnleerossey on facebook. Also be sure to check out the list of upcoming streams hosted by CPMHOF and Keystone Amplifiers on page 4. If you find yourself still able to be working and can do so please tip the artists as for some of them this is the only income they will get.

Along with the above mentioned streams I also caught a few more. Including Corinna Joy and Erica Lyn Everest. Both these lovely ladies took the live streams to the outdoors and hosted them from the back patios. They both belted out some powerful vocals and did a great job adapting to the new way of live music. It’s fun to watch everyone explore the world of live streams with different setups and backdrops to capture the sound and style of the performance.

Another very entertaining performance was put on by Ed Varner. He had a previous show planned at The Short Bus Brew House in Burnham but with all shows cancelled he decided he would not let that stop him. He hosted a live stream from the safety of his own home with a tip jar and all earning will go to help musicians who are not working through this whole ordeal. Ed took requests and is not one to back down from songs he has never attempted. I wish I was that talented and brave enough to do what he was pulling off. At one point the Kazoo was even busted out mid song. Check out Ed’s ad in this issue and be sure to catch a live stream or one of his live shows once this mess is over.

Well what are some other ways you can support local music while being locked at home? A lot of bars and restaurants are offering take out and some even delivery. If you have always complained that no one delivers around here then by all means please take advantage and try it out. They are staying open to try to survive, so when you get tired of cooking or eating those leftovers or frozen pizzas please go support a local business by ordering some food.

Along with food comes drink and even though they closed the state stores you can still find ways to satisfy your thirst. A lot of winery’s including Spyglass Ridge Winery in Sunbury and Deerfoot Vineyards and Winery in Shoemakersville are open for take out. Heck Deerfoot will even send it right to your door. I recommend some Goblin Alchemy! If you haven’t tried it please do so ‘cause the stuff is like a golden nectar sent from the gods. Both of these winery’s support local music so you should support them. Be sure to check out Spyglass Ridge Winery’s schedule of events on page 2 and the other events they are having throughout the paper. Well thats all the space I have for this month so please stay safe and healthy and remember to support local businesses. If you’re reading this then thank you for enjoying our first only digital issue at www.pamusician.net.