Editor’s Ramblings – July 2021

Hello Pennsylvania!! I’d like to start off this month with an apology to Christian Yeager and his family. It appears as if we mixed up some info in our cover story last month on some specific information, as to who helped him get started in his music career. To read the full revised story please go to https://issuu.com/pamusicianmagazine/docs/pamusicianjune2021christianyeager . We are very sorry for the mix up and once again sorry to Christian and his family and anyone else it may have affected.

Next, I really just want to thank everyone that helped make the Whitey Noll Celebration of Life a success. The event went off without a hitch except for some mild rain that kept some of the crowd away. First big THANK YOU goes out to Dave and Linda Russell for letting us invade their home and property for the weekend and turn it into an outdoor concert. They have been supporters of the paper for years and are just part of our family. Second huge THANK YOU is to the Stage Crew led by Bill Christiansen who just keeps a stage stored around because he can. He stated that when people say, “Let’s have a party, get some bands and some beers,” that he likes to be ready to make it all happen. His helpers: Jimi Cleveland, Jonny Suicide and Josh Knuth, plus a few more guys coming and going bringing this bolt or that block of wood and maybe some cinder blocks. Needless to say, they put up a nice sized stage in just a few short hours. Of course I was there handing out beers and barking out orders, trying to keep Dave Russell from falling through his own fence. Once erected, the stage was set for “The Number One Sound Guy in the world” —Keith Hummel, to come in and setup shop. Keith has been with the paper since the early days and there was no other choice on who was going to do sound for the show. Lucky Keith (ha, ha). He was a real trooper, we knew it was going to rain but we just grabbed tarps and plastic and kept the show rolling. Hopefully by the time I drop his papers off this month, his gear will be dry or I may get a rude awakening when I get there. Wish me luck. Next on the list of humongous THANKS is the Security crew led by Brent Lesperance. He is another one of those “family members for life” that is always there to take care of any and all problems that may arise. When asked who was security for the event it was a no brainer. Next THANK YOU to all the family and friends that ran around making up signs and getting all the supplies we needed. It really takes a lot of people to do something like this event and it really brings a new respect to all the people that do this every weekend, out there supporting live music and “making it happen” as Bill would say. Rachel Rocks did a huge amount of “pre gaming’ on this event, lining up food trucks, bugging the bands, week after week, making sure we were all still good. Keeping the Russell’s sane and assuring them it wouldn’t get “too Crazy’. The list goes on and on. A special biggest THANK YOU goes to my beautiful loving Missy aka “Mother Trucker” who we all know needs no introduction. She ran around all weekend grabbing this or running for that, looking for the right ratchet strap. She is the love of my life and I couldn’t have done it without her. THANK YOU MISSY!!!!

Once the show started and people started rolling in, it was like an old school PA Musician reunion. Sean Byndas came up from Florida!! Lots of smiles and hugs as people who haven’t seen each other in years were once again face to face like they were hanging at the Metron or maybe better yet ‘The Devil’s Hole Jam’. It made all the work well worth it to see everyone get together from near and far to party for Whitey one more time. A HUGE THANK YOU to all the bands and musicians that came out despite the rainy beginning; Danielle Farhat, who opened the show, a former student of Dad’s, with an amazing voice. David Greene, Rick Beck and Charlie Hood. These guys were “Dad’s Band” at some point in time and helped him create the Ukaboom Man personna by being his Ukaboom band. The Syn D’ Cats who’s lead singer Dave Venet, spent many a gig alongside Dad . The Shea, Ian & Steve & Friends Band, yes we can’t say the Sharks, but it was as close as they could get on that day and I think everyone there would agree it was an awesome performance. The Martini Bros. what can you say it’s the Martinis They were Dad’s last request as the band he wanted to see (plus one of mom’s favorites) so they made it happen. Road Case, one of our long time advertisers and supporters who’s front man Chris Redding has been in more issues of the paper then we could count and has been a pillar of the heavy metal hair band scene in PA for years. Last, but definitely not least is The Suicide Puppets! These guys stepped up and provided backline support for the bands and have been another long time supporters of the paper. All the bands did AMAZING and I’m sure you can catch more details throughout the paper as the staff was in full support of the event including Chris Rider Photography capturing the event on film for us. Also some other local legend photographers showed up and helped capture the event as well including Darlene Hassinger Band Photography and Kim Hansen. Please go check them out on facebook and give them some likes— three great photographers that are out there supporting local music.

Well I’m sure I forgot some people but thanks to all the family, friends and fans that showed up and had a good time with us. This celebration really reminded us why we do what we do. We have kept the music community connected for 39 years by capturing it and putting it all in print so generations from now, when the computers are all toast from the passing comet, tucked away in a closet somewhere could be an old issue of the PA Musician Magazine with your photo in it. Advertise TODAY! call or text 717-636-4203 or email Joshnoll@pamusician.net