Editor’s Ramblings – June 2022

By: Josh Noll

Wow, it seems like a couple of months ago but it’s been 4 years since I took over the reigns of The PA Musician Magazine. I guess the saying, ‘time flies when you’re having fun,’ rings true. That, or the older you get the faster time flies (as long as flying is involved I’m fine with it). The months just seem to be rolling by faster then I really want them to. I would like to thank each and every person who has continued to support the paper. I would really like to thank all our faithful advertisers, those who have been with us for years and also those who have just begun. Without the advertisers the paper just wouldn’t be. Also to all my staff writers, who volunteer to do this month after month and put in countless hours supporting and covering local and national music. They are dedicated to the cause and hit every deadline I ask of them. Biggest thanks goes to Robin, aka Mom, who still helps making sure you get a quality product month after month. Lastly Rachel Rocks, aka ‘Little Sister’ who somehow continues to amaze me with her amazing time management skills, LOL.

Taking that leap 4 years ago seemed like the hardest thing in the world. With a lot of un-answered questions and absolutely no idea what I was doing, I just jumped off the ledge. Who needs a real job anyway? Somehow it has all worked out. Even through a global pandemic The PA Musician Magazine just keeps rolling on. I seem to be right where I have always been just below the surface of success trying to scratch through. Maybe one day, when the internet shuts down and the only way you can find out what’s happening, is from the underground network of outlaw printers, maybe then I’ll be rich. For now we will keep the presses rolling and the music flowing the best we can.

If you would have told me 4 years ago or even a year ago that Rachel Rocks, (My little sister) would be an aspiring Rock Star singing songs by 4 Non Blondes, Chris Stapleton and Guns and Roses, I would have said you got the wrong hombre my friend. ‘Lo and Behold’ it is true. I got the chance to catch another live edition of Staying Vertical at the Copper Pub and Grille in Harrisburg. Rachel, in typical rock diva fashion, announced it would be her final appearance so I had to attend. Don’t worry people, she played another show two days later. So I’m pretty sure we will see more Staying Vertical in the future. If you see her out and about be sure to ask when her next show is. Staying Vertical is Rachel Rocks on uke and Matt Jameson on acoustic guitar. They play as a duo and also break it up for a couple of solo songs throughout the set. Watching Rachel up on stage and off stage is always a treat. If you book Staying Vertical be prepared for a party. Matt is also out on his own performing live shows in the area so be sure to check him out on facebook @ Matt Jameson Acoustic. I’m pretty sure there is a good chance you might catch Rachel Rocks at some of his shows taking selfies and singing some songs. I know every time she takes to the stage Dad is up in heaven with his uke strumming along and telling her to leave a couple bars for his lead runs. Rachel is a busy girl but hopefully she finds time to fit a couple shows in for us loyal fans. Love you Rachel! [Mom insert: I know Whitey is happy with both Josh and Rachel carrying on his music legacy, so very proud of both of them.]

I got a couple Cds mailed in this month, one of interest that I popped into the “old Pioneer” was sent in by Keith Randall. Keith has been performing for years throughout the northeast as a solo acoustic act, as well as in some popular Williamsport area bands, including Audiobox, Trip the Light, Myal Soul, and The Lost Saints. You can tell right away that Keith has put a lot of time and thought into each note that has went into his CD. As an instrumental album, he has chosen the nylon string guitar as his lead instrument. At first it is just a classic guitar, but by the end of the song it becomes the voice that leads you along, telling you an intricate story without ever saying a word. I love playing nylon string guitars as well as listening to them and Keith is a real master of the trade. Along with guitar, Keith also plays the bass and keyboards, which he has limited to piano and organ sounds. Nothing too crazy as he plans to take the show on the road and perform live in the future. His wife, Sonya accompanies him on the saxophone and violin. The end result is pretty amazing, while I never consider myself an instrumental kind of guy, I have been listening to this all day and love how the precise guitar notes lead you along, waiting for the next note to strike. Check Keith out keithrandallmusic.com he is working on a full length Cd right now so there is more to come in the future. Jim Price also reviewed Keith’s cd, so be sure to read his take on it.

Well that’s it for this month, lots going on this summer. The paper is full of summer events read it front to back then back to front. Make your plans now cause summer is moving fast! If you want to advertise or talk shop or ask me my sign just email joshnoll@pamusician.net. Later!