Editor’s Ramblings – October 2021

Well would you just look at that, summer is over! (insert frown face). It just never seems like summer lasts long enough for me. Right when I feel like I might accomplish some of my summer goals it ends. At least I did get some awesome vacation time and some bicycle riding in and of course some live music. Now we all have to switch focus and start planning for the long cold months of winter. Gathering nuts and berries and stashing them away for the cold months ahead. For live music fans things are just starting to heat up and hopefully we can all enjoy it this season as the dreaded Covid slowly becomes less of an issue in the months ahead.

Even though September went by in a flash I did get to go out and enjoy some music. We stopped down for the third and final day of Neil Clifford’s Labor day Weekend Musica Health to Wealth Festival. Neil hosted the event at the beautiful South Mountain Fairgrounds down in Arendtsvillle. The fairgrounds has a huge building with a nice big stage and great acoustics and was a perfect place to hold the event. We arrived just as Crack the Sky was taking the stage. These guys know how to keep the crowd pumped and you could tell they have a huge fan base as everyone there was right on cue when it came time for some crowd participation.

Next up was Trilogy, they set up at the back of the building during Crack the Sky’s set so there was very little down time between bands. This gave the crowd an up close and personal performance and a great view of some crazy lead guitar antics. Trilogy delivered some spot on Led Zepplin covers. I spent a good year listening to nothing but Zepplin as a teenager and it brought back some great memories and some songs I hadn’t heard for some time. Some bands struggle to cover Zepplin but these guys did a great job and were very entertaining with the lead guitar player’s strong licks and the singers smooth vocals. I highly recommend checking these guys out.

The last band we caught that day was Beatlemania Now, while I’m not a total crazy Beatle fan, it is hard to watch these guys and not start to groove along with the super groovy tunes. As the show begins and each member of the band starts to take on the persona of each of the Beatles (minus the fifth Beatle), it becomes a rock show/stage show as they each take turns acting the parts and singing the songs of each of the Beatles. After the first set is when things really start to get interesting as they “time jump” ahead and come out in Beatle Hippy form to play set number two. If you have never seen Beatlemania Now and you are a Beatle fan you need to go see them now. If you are a mild Beatle fan, or maybe you don’t even know who the Beatles are, (kids now days). Then you need to go check these guys out as they deliver a musical history lesson like none other.

I wish we could have spent more time and caught all the other great bands that played the festival. It was a well thought out event and hopefully with some more time for planning the next one will go even better. I did talk to Neil after the event and it sounds like Crack the Sky will be back in late November to Rock the Fairgrounds once again. Stay tuned for more info.

If you haven’t heard about it already, then here is your warning; The one and only Rachel Rocks has her first ever on stage performance coming up on October 2nd at the Millerstown River Park. Growing up Rachel did play some piano but had never so much as picked up a ukulele, except to move it out of her way. Now thanks to some help from Tic Toc sensation Nick Austen, Rachel has been learning songs left and right. After our Dad’s passing we were left with a hole in our hearts and a whole bunch of ukulele’s. Rachel is now carrying the torch and can be found calling people early in the morning and singing happy birthday with her trusty ukulele. After being talked into playing a local fundraiser for the Millerstown community pool, she knew that she would require some help so she roped in Matt Bynum to accompany her on stage. The Duo have been hard at it practicing and learning song after song. I for one will not miss this show and hope everyone who Rachel has supported over the years comes out and supports her. Take it as your chance to get even and take a selfie with her in the background, while she is up there sweating it out. I know for a fact, that if you listen closely on the 2nd you will hear Whitey up in heaven strumming and singing along as he would never miss a chance to jam out with his little Rachel on stage. We are all so proud of our Rachel Rocks for all she does for local music and now taking on her own musical journey.

Well that’s all I got for this month, please if you’re out there wondering how to let more people know about what you are doing or if you’re just a lonely musician who feels your talents are wasting away and you’re not getting enough attention, call us. Start advertising in the only Newspaper around who’s focus is you, the local musician. It is what we are here for, helping local musicians get the word out about who and what they are up too.

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