The Story Podcast: A Musical Journey with Cory Rosen

The Story Podcast: A Musical Journey with Cory Rosen

In the bustling world of podcasts, where every voice seeks to be heard, one show stands out for its unique approach to music and its dedicated host, Cory Rosen. “The Story” podcast, birthed in 2021, has been on an incredible journey, recording a remarkable 208 episodes in just under two years and also named “Best Local Music Podcast 2022” by the Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, this one-hour visual and audio podcast offers a glimpse into the fascinating world of music, taking place in person at the Lancaster Bible College’s WJTL Studio B.

“The Story” stands out in the crowded podcast landscape for its distinctive focus. It takes its listeners on a musical journey, chronicling the careers of musicians while featuring their original music. The podcast primarily focuses on original musicians and occasionally delves into the world of tribute bands, such as Solar Federation, a “Rush tribute” band. Each episode spans about an hour, and what sets it apart is that it’s all live and unedited, providing an authentic experience with the artists. There are no strings attached, no hidden agendas; it’s all about the music and engaging interviews.

While the podcast aims to establish a regular release schedule, currently, episodes are released as soon as they’re available. The interviews are live-streamed on Facebook and are later uploaded to Spotify and YouTube for a wider audience. Cory is looking to have regular releases starting in November on Saturdays at 2pm so stay tuned. 

But “The Story” isn’t just about interviews. Cory Rosen, the mastermind behind the podcast, an award winning film composer, with accolades stemming from the Milan Gold Awards [March Gold Award] (Italy), International Gold Awards [Gold Award Best Score] (NYC) and Crown Point International Film Festival [Best Score Short] (Chicago), for his work on Dadley Production’s “Night Voices”, has expanded his horizons to include single and album reviews. Additionally, he has introduced a “Songwriter’s Studio” segment, where 3-4 musicians come together to write a song in just one hour and then perform it live on air. The show has already featured talented musicians like Tommy B, John Milosich  , Alex Warner, and Addi Grace, with eight episodes so far and with more to come in 2024.

One of the highlights of “The Story” is the annual Story Awards, held every April, where Cory Rosen highlights his favorite episodes and artists from the past year. With over 200 interviews under his belt, listeners are guaranteed to find something captivating in this treasure trove of musical stories.

Cory Rosen, the driving force behind “The Story,” had a vision when he started the podcast. He wanted to connect with the music community on a deeper level, and what better way to do that than through interviews and content creation? But it wasn’t an easy journey for Cory. As an introvert, he struggled to find his groove and ask the right questions to get people talking. On top of that, he had to overcome his germaphobia. However, he never allowed these challenges to hold him back and made sure to keep things in check and on a sane level.

Lancaster Bible College's WJTL Studio B
Lancaster Bible College’s WJTL Studio B

A pivotal moment came when a good friend, Bjorn Jacobsen, encouraged him one night at “The Dirty Ol Tavern” to overcome his fears and start something remarkable. Soon after, with the invaluable support of the Lancaster Bible College, Cory was given access to a professional sound studio. This opportunity allowed him to focus on honing his interviewing skills rather than worrying about acquiring equipment and workspace. Cory remains forever grateful for the help he received from Lancaster Bible College in pursuing his dreams.

“The Story” has produced some remarkable episodes that stand out as favorites for Cory. Episode 64 featuring Daryl Davis, titled “How a Jazz Pianist becomes an activist,” is particularly memorable. In this episode, Daryl Davis recounts his astonishing encounters with the KKK and his mission to convert them back to society through music. Another standout episode is Episode 69, where Cory had a chat with Catherine Britt, a small-town Australian country artist who made her way to America. Episode 117, titled “The Stories Behind Members of Snarky Puppy,” offers a fascinating peek into the world of this renowned music collective. With such a diverse range of interviews, “The Story” truly has something captivating for every music enthusiast.

Given Cory’s deep love for music, one can’t help but wonder about his personal musical tastes. When asked about the one CD he would choose for an eight-hour car ride, Cory confessed that he doesn’t really listen to just one album, as with most people now days its all about your playlist.  His Spotify playlist reflects his eclectic tastes, featuring artists like Elton John, John Williams, and Michael Giacchino, along with other score-type music. Cory’s favorite “album or close to one” would be “Aida” a musical by Tim Rice and Elton John, and he’s also a fan of the musical “Wicked” by Stephen Schwartz.

Cory Rosen’s journey with “The Story” is far from over. He has some exciting projects lined up for the future, promising more engaging content for his audience. In October, Cory will be featured on an episode of Jeff Pittinger’s “PA Pipeline,” introducing “The Story” to a wider audience. Additionally, there’s an upcoming collaboration with Ruddy Turnstone on an orchestral piece titled “I’ve Been to This Dungeon Before,” set to release on October 1st. One of Cory’s most significant projects is his involvement in a movie titled “Talons of the Phoenix.”  by Darrin Archer. This World War II movie, with a ’70s and ’80s style, revolves around a fictional rescue mission to save a spy. Cory will be responsible for composing the film’s musical score, and audiences can anticipate its release in the fall or winter.

Looking further into the future, 2024 holds a special place for Cory as he plans to release his own music. His music will explore a digital MIDI style, often compared to Ben Folds. This is an exciting development for fans eagerly waiting to hear more from this talented podcaster. Cory will also be performing his first live appearance at The Gift Horse Brewing company Oct 19th a part of “Home is Where The Art is” singer songwriter rounds. 

But that’s not all. Cory is on the move, both figuratively and literally. He’s relocating to a new space to facilitate fresh ideas and allow “The Story” podcast to grow to new heights. This new location is known as the Susquehanna River Creative Conspiracy, situated in Columbia, PA. It’s a collaborative hub for artists, featuring art studios, music, and recording studios. This space, akin to a creative gym for musicians, will provide a dynamic environment to nurture creativity. The Susquehanna River Creative Conspiracy has already started hosting open mic nights on Wednesdays, making it a vibrant and inspiring space for artists. Stay tuned for more updates on the move. 

As with many podcasters, Cory aspires to take “The Story” full-time, but he needs the support of sponsors to make this dream a reality. To support the podcast, listeners can purchase merchandise from the website, and there are advertising opportunities available during live streams, both visually and in audio format. In the near future, a subscription service will be introduced on the webpage, giving fans access to exclusive content while simultaneously supporting “The Story.” With “The Story” reaching over 10,000 viewers per month and growing steadily across all platforms, sponsorship is a promising investment.

Cory Rosen isn’t just about sharing his own story; he’s on a mission to amplify the voices and stories of others in the music community. He’s always on the lookout for new bands and artists to interview, encouraging them to reach out through the website or by sending a message on Facebook.

In closing, Cory Rosen extends his heartfelt gratitude to Lancaster Bible College, WJTL Studio, Ryan Geesaman (Chair of Communication), all the remarkable guests who have contributed to making “The Story” a reality, and organizations like The Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame for their recognition and assistance in connecting artists and providing them with a platform. He’s appreciative of his parents for their unwavering belief in his dreams, his ex-girlfriend, Debbi, for imparting interviewing skills and facilitating his first radio interview, and all the followers and believers in his podcast. He also expresses his deep gratitude to his current girlfriend for her unwavering support.

“The Story” podcast is more than just a platform for music; it’s a testament to what passion, dedication, and collaboration can achieve. As Cory Rosen continues to forge ahead, his journey promises to be filled with exciting stories, music, and endless possibilities. So, stay tuned to “The Story” and become a part of this remarkable musical adventure.