Editor’s Ramblings – August 2018

Josh Noll


Another month has passed and another issue is on the rise. July was a vacation month for a lot of people including myself. I spent some time camping on the river, then went down to Chincoteague with some friends, rode some bicycles, played on the beach and ate some great burritos from BAYSIDE BURRITOS,( if you are down that way stop and check them out, tell them PA Musician Magazine sent you). But we didn’t stop there, we also took a drive up to the PA Grand Canyon and rode the scenic Pine Creek Trail for an out and back 41 miles on our bicycles. It was a more relaxing ride than what I am used to, but its beauty makes up for the lack of adrenalin. If there is one thing I am learning in life it is to enjoy what I am doing that day; regardless of where I am and what is going on in life as a whole. Believe it or not, a lot of fun can be had right here in our great state of PA. So get out and explore new places, meet new people and try to do it all with a smile. The same thing is true with local music. There are a ton of great places to see shows. So do something different, head out to that bar you have never been too, check out the band you’ve never heard of until today. Just because you don’t know of them doesn’t mean they won’t rock the house. Give them a chance and remember to tell them you saw there ad in the PA Musician Magazine.

This month on the cover we are featuring JAKE PULITI. Jake is a newcomer to the scene and he has one single released so far “Dirty On The Dance Floor” and is getting ready to release another single “Night’s Still Young”. Jake has a great attitude about what he is doing with his music and with his life. It’s exciting to hear about how the younger crowd will still be bringing us all great local music for years to come. Not only is he playing live music, but he is also trying to help others out with starting a music label with some friends; old school style by making things happen with what you’ve got. Read all about it in Rachel Rocks’ cover story on page 13.

So August is shaping up to be another packed month of music in the Keystone State. THE DEVON ALLMAN PROJECT will be at CLUB XL on the 2nd. Devon is the son of Gregg Allman but he is not just riding coat tails here cause he plays some great music. I was recently turned on to his tunes so I am excited to get to go see the show. CLUB XL is thriving with shows this month and they are including a little bit of something for everyone. From country rock to 90’s night to SKERRYVORE from Scotland. Which if you have never heard of them, Google it. They are an impressive “big” band, big as in accordions, bagpipes, that sort of thing. But it doesn’t stop there. They have SOUL ASYLUM on the 18th , a couple NO COVER WEEKENDS with some great tribute bands, and even a comedy show at the end of the month.

Speaking of August 18th, it seems as if it is one of those days where you just don’t know where to go and who to see, because there’s live music everywhere! If you are in PA on the 18th and can’t find the sort of music you are into then you are not trying hard enough. RACEHORSE TAVERN has a big event with SIX BAR BREAK, ROAD CASE, and MONKEY FOO. The PARK INN/BLARNEY’S has NINE D on the 18th followed by STONEWOOD on the 24th. The UNION HOUSE TAPROOM & LIVERY are hosting an Irish music session followed by GENERATIONS. THE SUICIDE PUPPETS will by playing SHREDFEST. Ok, so you get the point. Look through the paper, there are great shows every weekend this month, so don’t just sit in the A/C watching A-Team reruns. Get out there and support these bands and venues. Your favorite Netflix show will still be waiting for you come sunday morning when your nursing that hangover. Until next month, take care and enjoy the rest of your summer ‘cause it’s going fast.