Out and About – August 2020

Hello Rockers and Rollers!! I hope you are all alive and well, this no live band thing is no joke! I’m thankful that Facebook at least allows me to keep track of my rockin’ friends, but it just isn’t the same. I miss seeing everyone live and in the flesh! I miss hugging everyone!! My heart is absolutely broken for all of the bands and businesses that are struggling, or worse yet closing! I hope we can all somehow hang in there, and make it through to the other side. I know I’ve been super busy with fun Summer activities, but if this continues into the Fall and Winter, it’s gonna get ugly!

This month I’ve been pretty busy going on adventures with the family, so I really didn’t get out to see much music, so this article won’t be very long. My first family adventure was an overnight float trip down the Susquehanna in kayaks with Andrea, Josh, Missy, and Mom. We started at Mohantango, and we ended our first night at Ferry Boat Campsites for 4th of July fireworks and fun! Ferryboat had a whole festival going on all day long, we unfortunately missed the 1st band, Make Mine Country, and DJ Sunfire, but we did make it in time for Friends of Bob and the Fireworks. Millersburg canceled their fireworks that people usually enjoy from Ferryboat, but they didn’t let that stop them, they talked to Tom at Tom’s Fireworks and he came and put on one heck of a show! There were lots of Ooos and Ahhhs from the crowd. After the fireworks, Friends of Bob took the stage to finish off the night. You can quickly tell these guys have played in bands for a few years, and they know how to put on a great show. Unfortunately, gigs near the river in Summer, also bring Mayflies.. LOTS of Mayflies. They had a nice big fan because of the heat, and of course they had lights, which in turn, made the Mayflies become more of a Mayfly Snow blizzard! The band was literally being pelted with Mayflies! They tried everything they could, but there was no relief in sight. The guys played on to the best of their ability. I can’t imagine how many bugs they ate by the end of the night, but they didn’t let it stop them, they knew the show must go on! All of the guys took turns singing and rockin’ the night away. It was a great night with the family rockin’ along the river!

At the beginning of the month I was very excited to see that XL Live was opening back up. Friday night they had a solo performer, Natalie Lane, as their soft re-opening. It was awesome to see how respectful everyone was with wearing their masks and keeping socially distanced. It was a patio show, so it was even outside. Natalie Lane’s voice was amazing, it was easy to just sit back and listen to her sing! I saw quite a few old friends and it was awesome reconnecting. The next night the Stonewall Vessels were playing inside on the main stage. XL was prepared with 250 seats around tables, prepared for the amount of guests they were allowed and everyone had plenty of room. I heard it was a great show and everything went off without a hitch! Unfortunately, the week after this show is when they were closed because they are a “nightclub”. So heartbreaking! I can’t imagine getting prepared and making all of the changes to meet the regulations, and then no sooner do you get going again, and then BOOM! More regulations. Hopefully XL Live comes back with even more gusto than before! I can’t imagine our Harrisburg nightlife without them.

That Saturday night I was at Penntera’s Weekend Mountain Party! Since the bands can’t actually play in a venue right now, a Penntera superfan reached out to Space to find out if he would like to have a party at his house in the woods. Space went and checked it out, and he was all in! They had an amazing piece of land with a house with a nice deck, that just so happened to make the perfect size stage, and plenty of parking, and a nice huge yard where we could all spread out and enjoy the show. It was awesome to see so many tents and people there truly making it a full weekend party. This was also a perfect party for Space to debut his newest band, Dead Centre. Dead Centre is a party rock band covering all of the ages of rock n’ roll in one band. Mark from Ebenezer Screw is also the lead singer from Dead Centre, so I’m sure these guys rock! I unfortunately missed their set, but I heard lots of great things about their show. It was so refreshing to see so many friends and to see Penntera rockin’ out on stage! It felt so good just to let loose and bang my head! Penntera once again put on an amazing show filled with so much energy! We need way more backyard parties and if you are having one, please let me know so I can clean the dust off my camera and come have a rockin’ good time!!

Last but definitely not least we had a family camping weekend. We had an absolutely amazing time camping around a lake. We had our own private area with plenty of shenanigans and good times, but one thing the Noll Family always has is music. It was fantastic seeing Dad sit around the fire jamming with the family. We now have Dad, Dave, Zack and Robert all jamming together, plus my friends Matt and Holly came with us, so Matt was able to join in on the fun too! I really should’ve taken more pictures, but my children always yell at me to take pictures with my mind instead of my camera, so I guess that’s what I was doing. Also, I was usually floating in the lake til dark every day since it was so hot! Having a musical family is always something I’ve loved. We are truly blessed to have Dad to teach us his musical ways!! I love you Daddio!!

Nothing too crazy happening anytime soon that I’ve heard about yet. But there are places still having acoustic music and serving up delicious food. The Fredericksburg Eagle Hotel has amazing food!! And great music too! Plus the Racehorse Tavern is also still doing their best to keep their acoustic music flowing, and also crazy food specials, including Seafood Sundays! Of course we all know everything changes at the blink of an eye, so keep an eye on social media pages and double check before you go. Also make sure and overtip your servers and remember to respect those that are out there trying to serve us and give us the entertainment we need!

I love you all.. and again I will say if ANYONE needs assistance, food, shelter, child care, etc.. reach out, ask for help. I have a plethora of amazing friends that are willing to help those in need. I truly do hope to see you all Out and About.. Please if you can, get out there and Support Local Businesses and Music! We all need you!!